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Dirty and Vulgar Fantasy Football Names for 2023

Dirty and Vulgar Fantasy Football Names for 2023

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Updated on November 19, 2022 by David Sharp
Dirty Fantasy Football Names

It's a tradition as old as football itself. From the first time someone named their team Show Me Those TDs, owners have been using dirty fantasy team names.

Vulgar fantasy football names are part of the fabric of the game. They're the glue that holds the pages of Pro Football Weekly together - at least we hope that's glue.

Sigh. No wonder it's so hard to get girls to join our leagues.

Dirty Fantasy Football Names for 2023

Some owners favor playfully dirty fantasy team names, while others go for full-on, no-holds-barred raunch. You should pick a team name that matches your sensibilities, as well as those of your league.

You probably don't want to use these names in your office or family league. Unless your family is full of perverts, that is, then you do you playa.

Going to the TD Bar

Kittle Man in the Boat

Etienne Out


C-Kupps is more spot-on, but also less ridiculous.

Full Chubb

A Good Rodgersing


My Derrick’s Stiff

I never get tired of watching Derrick Henry give defenders a stiffie.

The J. Goffs

The Jag-offs

Reverse Cowboys

Reverse Cowgirls

There's no reason that girls can't be a little dirty too. This idea would work as a fantasy football name for girls or even a fantasy league name for an all-girls crew.


Houston Sexin’s


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Funniest Vulgar Fantasy Football Names

My favorite dirty fantasy team names are the ones that are equal parts vulgar and funny. Sure, you can go full-on-explicit if you want, but who are you trying to impress?

Ass, Tits, or Pitts?

These could be hilarious names for fantasy football divisions.

I’m a Pittman Myself

Oops, I Crapped My Fants

Suck My DK

You can also go with Suck My DeKaylin if you want to show that you're both knowledgeable and a pervert.

Dirty Fantasy Football Name Generator

Dirty Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

I See London, I see France

Drain the Lazard

All About Dallas

That can be either a Dallas Goedert or a Dallas Cowboys fantasy team name.

Dirty Birds

San Francisco 69ers

Raunchy Fantasy Football Name Ideas

I've been in a lot of leagues where it's clear everyone is just trying to out-gross one another. If that's the case for you, we've got you covered with these raunchy fantasy team names.

I Like It When It Hurts

Tee Bags

Back Door Boyds

  • F-Boyds
  • F-Boyd Island
  • Dirty Boyds
  • The Little Boyd in the Boat

Got Me Waddling

Najee America

Use Your Tagovailoa

This one is predicated on you knowing how to pronounce Tagovailoa.

A Hardman is Good to Find

Hock and Balls

Suck My Hock

Dark Fantasy Football Names for 2023

I’m going to tell you this, even though you’re going to ignore it: don’t read these dark fantasy team names.

You probably won’t laugh, you’ll just feel like a bad person. And if you do laugh, you’ll really feel like a bad person.

Dwayne’s Trains and Automobiles

Get CTE or Die Tryin’

Hangin’ With Mr. Hernandez

Henry Ruggs Racing Team

Hit and Ruggs

The Ron Mexico Clinic for Sexual Health

Sexual Fantasy Football Names

I'm only saying this because I care about you: there is nothing sexy about fantasy football. It will never get you laid, make you attractive, or seem appealing in the least.

And if you happen to find someone that does want to hear about your fantasy team? Run, because they're clearly trying to trick you into something.

Austin Sexler

Bustin’ Jefferson

Dak Me Down

There are dozens of possible Dak puns like this out there, but here are a few more.

  • Big Dak Energy
  • Dak Heads
  • Suck My Dak
  • Dak Suckers

The Devil and Daniel Jones

Morning Woods

The Hand Solos

This star wars-themed fantasy name is both original and dirty.

BJ Moore

BJ Moore, Please, if you want to be polite about it.

Marquise de Sade

Muth Stuff

Deez Nuts Fantasy Team Names

Simple. Classic. Inelegant.

Go ahead. Enjoy Deez Nutz.

Deebz Nuts

CeeDeez Nutz?

Saquon Deez Nuts

D’s Nutz

I think of this as a D’Andre Swift team name. Realistically though, it could be for any dude whose name starts with D.

Tee’s Nutz

Najee’s Nutz

Only Fans Fantasy Football Names

Remember when Only Fans said that they were getting rid of all the sexy pics? Yeah, that worked out about as well as drafting Johnny Manziel did.

Here are some Only Fans team names to help you show some love to your favorite independent content creators.

Only Fanstay Football

Only Fants

Stefonly Fans

You can also kick this up a notch with I Diggs Stefonly Fans.

Jonesly Fans

Only Lambs

Kam Girls

Ecks Workers

The Worst Fantasy Football Name Ideas

I’m not even going to tell you that these fantasy team name ideas are so bad they’re good. They’re just straight up so bad they’re bad.

Amon-Raw Dogger

Etienne Ass

Hurts Me Daddy



That's a Dak Prescott team name and nothing else.

Brady Deflates My Balls


Ingram'Em By the Pussy

Check out our Trump fantasy football names for some nastier political team name ideas.

Browns Notes

Mr. Browns Stone

Browns Stars

Vulgar Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

Did you know that you can find disgusting, vulgar, and downright inappropriate things on the internet? I know, I was shocked too.

Unfortunately, some of those filthy things happen to be dirty fantasy football team names.

Deshaunerable Discharge

Thielen Up My Cousins


Nice Dak, No Romo

I’ve been on the record as being anti-No Romo team names for years now. This one just makes too much sense, though.

Kareem Pies

Kareem in Her Hunt

Master Bateman

Mixon a Box

Tua in the Pink

The Jimmy G Spot

Big Sack Mac

Off in Church

Because no one beats Off in Church.

Touchdown There

Old Ho Wack, Youngho Koo

Tua Girls, One Kupp

Sutton My Face

And tell me that you love me.



4th and Dong

Cook and Ball Torture

Dirty Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Young Ho's Kareem on my Chub

2 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Spa day w/Kraft

Submitted by Jon D
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Donte’s Momqueef

Submitted by Ali A.
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.


Submitted by Jon S
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Intentional Pounding

Submitted by Cooper
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Tara wrist

Submitted by My friend
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Touch My Hock

Submitted by Veronica
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.


0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Virgina McCaskey's OnlyFans

Submitted by Sani F
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Queef-a-saurus Rex

Submitted by RanRan
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Chubb hub

Submitted by John
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Alvin Kamara strip club

Submitted by Big Willy
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Jimmy G Hits the Spot

Submitted by Star Stanley
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

My Diggs is Huge

Submitted by Devin
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

My Diggs Curves Left

Submitted by Quinn
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Watson Your Mouth

Submitted by John
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Kirking to cousins

Submitted by Bryce
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.


Submitted by Lyndsey D
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Going Downfield

Submitted by DragyneSlayre
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Dingle Bearies

Submitted by Ryno
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Jackin Goff cuz she on the Ragnow

Submitted by Max I
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Bigschlong Throbinson

Submitted by Nick
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Hymen's Bloody Heroes

Submitted by Todd C
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Well Hungarians

Submitted by Todd C
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Salty Sauce Gobblers

Submitted by Todd
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Gisele all over me

Submitted by Tom B.
-1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Kweef Tar-Tar

Submitted by Beebs
-1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

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