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Political Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023 Players

Political Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023 Players

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Updated on December 6, 2022 by David Sharp
Political Fantasy Football Names

One thing politics and fantasy football have in common they're both in the moment . You need to watch the news constantly because things can change at any second.

They're also reminders of what was happening at a very specific point in time. Plus, if you look back a few years, you'll say wow, I actually believed in that guy?

Here are some political fantasy football team names to prove you're staying current in 2023.

Political Fantasy Football Names for 2023

One quick warning about these political fantasy team names: irony can be hard to judge online. Does the guy with the Covfefaithful team name love Trump or hate him?

You have to know your league-mates in order to avoid pissing someone off with your hilarious, hot take. Or, just take your best shot and say heck it to the consequences - let it burn, baby!


Critical Chase Theory

Fair warning: this is just the first of many Ja'Marr Chase team names on this list.

Capitol Hill

Fournette More Years!

Olave Can You See

Washington D.K.

I also like The DK Metro Area as a political team name.

Give Til it Hurts

Give Til It Ertz

CeeDeeCee Recommendations


  • Jalenghazi
  • Big Benghazi
  • Devinghazi
  • Pennghazi

Hill’s E-Mails

But Her Najee-Mails

If this political team name idea isn't enough But Her E-Mails team names, here are a few more.

  • But Her Kelce-Mails
  • But Her CeeDee-Mails
  • But Her Tee-Mails
  • But Her Ezekiels

Helaire’s E-Mails

Political Fantasy Football Name - Helaire's Emails

Tayl-In Ballots

Mail-Allen Ballots

Miles-In Ballots

In Godwin We Trust

There's also One Nation, Under Godwin, if you're more Official Motto than Pledge of Allegiance.

Christian Kirk Nationalists

Fon DiggSantis 2024

The El-Ekeler College

Funny Political Fantasy Team Names from History

They say that tragedy + time = comedy. I say that politics + time = funny political fantasy team names.


We the Peoples-Jones

Justin Jefferson Still Survives

I'm beating myself up for not using this as my political team name this season.

Aaron-Contra Affair

Since I’m just that kind of weirdo, I thought of four more Iran-Contra political fantasy team names.

  • Stefon-Contra Affair
  • Iran-Conner Affair
  • Amon-Contra Affair
  • Rhamon-Contra Affair

Tee Party

The Great Chark Hunt

If you like this Hunter S. Thompson reference, you can also use this name for Hunter Renfrow or Hunter Henry.

Aus The Ekonomy, Stupid

It’s the Ertzconomy

Or is it better as Ertz the Economy? Your call.

Gerald Ford Field

D’Andre’s Swift Boats

Hilarious Fantasy Football Name Ideas for Trump

Trump Loser GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Mar-a-Lago. Collusion. Stable geniuses. Covfefe.

If nothing else, Donald Trump has certainly made his mark on the American lexicon. Here are some Trump fantasy football names to honor those contributions.

Build the Waller

No Collision

Stable Geniuses

I also like The Genius Stable, but that’s a slightly bigger leap.

Stable Najeeniuses

Grab ‘em By D’Andre

Freier and Fury


This Trump fantasy name is just one of many possible Mar-a-Lago puns you could use.

  • Lamar-a-Lago
  • Kamar-a-Lago
  • JMar-a-Logo
  • Moore-a-Lago
  • Mar-Amon-Ra-Lago
  • Amari-a-Lago

Mark America Great Again

Mike America Great Again

Make Amari Great Again

If rivalries are your thing, check out our fantasy football division names.

Joe Biden Fantasy Team Names

Here are some brand-new Biden fantasy team names to honor America's least brand-new president.

Dark Brandin

Let’s Go Brandin

Personally, I dig this as a fantasy football league name idea.

Dark Brandon Aiyuk

Let’s Go Brandon Aiyuk

Saquon Malarkey

The Rise of Brandon

This Joe Biden team name also works if you're looking for Star Wars fantasy football names.


I love that malarkey is Joe Biden's catchphrase of choice. It's so old-timey that it fits him as snugly as a pair of fitted Ray-Ban aviators.

Sleepy Joe Burrow

Hunter Renfrow’s Laptop

Hunter Henry’s Laptop

Biden Our Time

Bidenver BroncJoes

Kamala Harris Fantasy Football Names

There's a long list of things that Kamala Harris was the first person to do. Use one of these Kamala Harris team name ideas and maybe she'll be on your first-place trophy.

Kamara Harris

The First But Not the Last

Chucks and Pearls

No VP has had a day named after their style since Chester A. Arthur's Watch Fob and Top Hat day.

Jamaala Harris

Najeela Harris

VP Najee Harris

VP Damien Harris

All you loony feminists be sure to check out our article covering fantasy names for girls in 2023.

Taliban Fantasy Team Names

If you think using Taliban fantasy football names is taboo, wait till we get to the Jeffery Epstein names.

The TalEvans

The Tylerban

The TaliBrandon

That fantasy football name is perfect if you landed Brandon Aiyuk. You can also go with The TaliBrandin for Brandin Cooks.


Cool as ISIS

Jeffrey Epstein Fantasy Team Names

Look, these Jeffrey Epstein team names are going to be dark – that’s just the nature of the game, baby. If that’s the type of team name you’re looking for, read on.

If not, just pretend this section has gone missing like it was CCTV footage from the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Hangin’ With Epstein

Hung Like Epstein

If you prefer off-color names, be sure to read our full list of NSFW fantasy football names.

Ekeler Didn’t Kill Himself

Etienne Didn’t Kill Himself

The Lolita Express

Ja’Lane Maxwell

Ghi’Marr Chase

Political Fantasy Team Name Ideas From Around the Internet

Politicians are notorious for stealing ideas. So I'm copying them and grabbing some of my favorite political team names from around the Web.

Election Steelers

Trump Cards

Department of Homefield Security

The Aaron Donald

Mixon's Preserved Head

Oval Offense

Bern Notice

Coastal Elites

Trumpster Fire

The Trumpty Dance

Have a Better Political Team Name Idea?

Just like in real politics, you may have seen this list and thought jeez, I could do better than these guys. Well, now's your chance to prove it.

Post your best political fantasy team names below, and we'll add the best ones to our article. Now's your chance big shooter, whatcha got?

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