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Fantasy Football Division Names for 2023 Leagues

Fantasy Football Division Names for 2023 Leagues

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Updated on December 12, 2022 by David Sharp
Fantasy Football Conference & Division Names

Naming your fantasy football divisions East and West isn’t just boring. It’s also weird.

I mean, we're on the Internet, and no one is leaving their house (let alone flying to another team’s stadium).

Unless your league is genuinely split by geography through some miracle of chance, then I think you can do better. Here are our best ideas for fantasy football division names that go beyond simple directions on a map.

Fantasy Football Conference Names for 2023

One thing that may affect the names you choose for your conferences is the inherent power of your commissioner.

Are they the type of commish that wants to keep everything equal and above board? Or are they a power-mad evil genius with a sense of humor?

This distinction is the difference between using divisions named Kevin and Pete and conferences named Pete Top and Kevin Bottom.

Conference OneConference TwoCorrelation
NikeUnder ArmorShoe Company Rivals
AdidasPumaShoe Company (and brotherly) Rivals
HatfieldsMcCoysWarring Families
Al CaponesBugs MoransRival Gangsters
ErnestsJuliosWine Makers
R2-D2sC-3POsStar Wars Droids
(check out our Star Wars team names)
KerrigansHardingsKnee-Capping Ice Skaters
BiggiesTupacsRap Legends

If you're looking for some naughty ideas, check out our full article dedicated to raunchy fantasy football team names.

Funny Fantasy Football Conference Names

If you don't want your commissioner finalizing your fantasy football conference names, you could reward your 3rd placed team with this privilege (or whatever team that finished just outside of the money in your league). Check out our article detailing league names for fantasy football.

Sure, they might not get cash. But they can at least ensure you play in a cool conference.

Conference 1Conference 2Correlation
West PhiladelphiaBel-AirThe Prince's Kingdoms
The RiccisThe OrtegasWednesdays
Unstoppable ForcesImmovable ObjectsPhilosophy
Brian's SongRudyFootball Tearjerkers
RudiesRadiosFootball Legends
TrumpsBidensPolitical Names
LamborghinisFerrarisSweet Rides
House of YorkHouse of LancasterThe War of the Roses
The Brady BunchThe Manning ClanActual Football Players

Division Names for Fantasy Leagues with Three Divisions

From the holy trinity of quarterback brothers to the actual holy trinity. These are our best fantasy division name ideas for leagues with three divisions.

Division 1Division 2Division 3Correlation
PaytonEliCooperThe Manning Brothers
PaytonEliArchieThe Successful Mannings
PavarottiDomingoCarrerasThree Tenors
ChicoHarpoGrouchoMarx Brothers
Lucky DayNed NiederlanderDusty BottomsThree Amigos
HarryRonHermioneHarry Potter
BlossomBubblesButtercupPowerpuff Girls
(fantasy team names for girls)
FatherSonHoly SpiritChurch

Division Names for Fantasy Leagues with Four Divisions

You must be in a pretty big league if you need four separate fantasy football division names. No worries, though; we've still got you covered.

Division 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Correlation
CarrieSamanthaCharlotteMirandaSex in the City
Mr. FantasticInvisible GirlHuman TorchThingFantastic Four
BillHankDaleBoomhauerKing of the Hill
CartmanKennyStanKyleSouth Park
FreshmenSophomoresJuniorsSeniorsHigh School

Fantasy Division Names From Around the Internet

Finding good fantasy football team names on the Web is easy. But frankly I was shocked to find so many funny division names for fantasy football.

It was like the waiver wire for an eight-team league - and I put in claims on all of them.

Division 1Division TwoCorrelation
KensRyusStreet Fighters
MjolnirsStormbreakersThor's Hammers
ShirtsSkinsGym Class
NightmenDaymenIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
BloodsCripsRival Gangs
AnxietyDepressionYour Brain
SuckBlowNo Comment
GodsMonstersMythology and Movies
WesterosEssosGame of Thrones

More Fantasy Football Division Name Ideas

This article is hardly an exhaustive list of potential fantasy football division names. If you and your crew have a better suggestion, we'd love to hear it.

Post it in the comments below, and maybe we'll immortalize you on the Internet.

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