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The Best Fantasy Football League Names for 2023

The Best Fantasy Football League Names for 2023

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Updated on October 24, 2022 by David Sharp
Fantasy Football League Names

Why is having a unique fantasy football league name important? For starters, if you play in multiple leagues, they can be hard to tell apart.

Who can tell the difference between League #77892 and League #84726? I sure can't, and I hate toggling back and forth to make sure I'm in the right one.

Besides, you have that sweet team name. Here are some good fantasy football league names to match.

Fantasy Football League Names for 2023

The best fantasy football league name sets the tone for your owners. It tells them that they have to be creative with their fantasy team names, and not just phone it in.

It could also encourage a theme for the team names, and signal how dirty they can get. Calling your league The Upstanding Businessmen Who Want to Keep Their Jobs League inspires different team names than Sleazy Dirtbags Anonymous does.

The Stiff Army

Rest of the Rest

The Trade Union

FX’s The League

The League is still the greatest show about fantasy football ever. That's mainly because it is still the only show about fantasy football.

Running Back Committee

The Donkey Show

The Madden Cursed

Draft Beer League

Waiver Whiners

Boomer Busts

This funny fantasy league name is for older dudes that are still chasing football glory.

Out of Our League

These Teams Go to Eleven

The Fish Market

Associated Pressers

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Union of the Snake Draft

This is a creative fantasy league name for any group of dudes that are also into the deeper cuts of Duran Duran.

We have

Strange Betfellows

The Combine Combine


Drafting Under the Influence

Eager Leaguers

If you're a politico, you'll love our full list of political fantasy football names for 2023.

Funny Fantasy Football League Name Ideas

Sometimes, all you need from a name is something that makes you chuckle once and a while. Here's some hilarious league names to get you started.

Bush Leaguers

This funny fantasy football league name can also be spiced up a little. Try Full Bush Leaguers or Shaved Bush Leaguers if that's your crew's style.

Numerical Football League

If you think this is a cool fantasy league name, check out these other plays on NFL:

  • Nerd Football League
  • New Fish League
  • No Flakes League
  • Nice Fart League


Fantasy Football League Name Generator

Fantasy Football League Names From Writers & The Community

Leaguel Eagles

Smacktalkers Anonymous

You can also do Shittalkers Anonymous if you're feeling sassy.

The Society

The League of Extraordinaty Douchebags

I like this league name idea because it's on the edge of being NSFW.


The Rebel Alliance

This league name idea doubles as a Star Wars fantasy team name.

We have an entire article dedicated to inappropriate fantasy football names.

United Federation of Planets

Union of Concerned Scientists

Eight Geniuses and Four Idiots

It’s up to you to decide who’s who.

Guild Wars

Band of Bettors

Highlander 8: The Pickening

There can be only one.

Fantasy League Names from Around the Internet

Sure, some of these fantasy football league names are a little generic. But hey, maybe that's what you want.

It's fake football for a couple of handfuls of goofballs - Shakespearian wordplay is not required.

Confederacy of Dunces

The Dirty Dozen

Check out our fantasy division name ideas for this perfectly-sized league.

12 Angry Men

The Greatest Show on Paper

A League of Our Own

Is it weird to use a movie about women playing baseball as the inspiration for your fantasy football league name? Or is that why it works?

Here are a few more female fantasy football names for 2023.

League of Legends

Wasted Picks

Miller Genuine Drafters

First-and-Ten Team League

Council of Elders

Fantasy Football League Names From Readers

Last Men Standing

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