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Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2024 Teams

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2024 Teams

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Updated on February 13, 2023 by David Sharp
Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football Names

The Vikings hold too many NFL records with the dubious note among teams that haven’t won a Super Bowl attached.

For example the Vikings have the highest overall winning percentage among teams that haven’t won a Super Bowl. The Vikings have made the playoffs most often among teams that haven’t won a Super Bowl.

Here are some Minnesota Vikings fantasy football names to help the team banish these titles once and for all.


Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Names for 2024

The Vikings have been using the SKOAL chant since the franchise’s founding. But what does it really mean?

Cheers? Good Health?

Ultimately, no one knows exactly what it means. But no one cares? It’s just a thing that’s fun to say and even more fun to chant with thousands of your dearest friends.

Cook-Out With the Cousins

Pressure Cooker

Cook Runs the Table

Jefferson Starship


I prefer this chant in ALL-CAPS. Make it your battle cry for the season.

Sex, Drugs, and Rockin’ SKOAL

SKOAL Hearted

Be True to Your SKOAL

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KOC of the Walk

When your coach’s nickname is KOC, that will undoubtedly lead to filthy fantasy team names. Here are a few more KOC puns (feel free to skip ahead if that’s not your style).

  • KOC and Ball Torture
  • Big KOC Energy
  • KOC-y Bastards
  • KOCed and Loaded

Fully Vikesinated

Purple Reign


Zygi Comics

If you need a logo for this Vikings fantasy team name, put Zygi Wilf’s mustache on Ziggy the cartoon character. Brilliant!

Viking Quest

Viking Raiding Party


Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football Name Generator

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Justin Jefferson Team Names

Justin Jefferson is so stinking good that I honestly don’t know what to say. Why even try to say anything when you can just let The Catch speak for itself?

Just Cause

Justin Because

Justin Jefferson Still Survives

I know it’s boring and nerdy, but I straight up stan this Justin Jefferson team name. I love it so much that if you use it, we’re automatically best friends.

Justin of the Peace


Jefferson Airplane

I know I had Jefferson Starship on there earlier, but maybe you’re more of a fan of their early stuff.

Smokin’ Two J’s

Vikings RB Fantasy Football Team Names

The Vikings running back depth chart is as thick as filet mignon. But when your lead running back is named Cook, then I guess that makes sense.

Also, if what you’re really looking for are Dalvin Cook fantasy team names, then brother, have we got you covered! Here's a bit of an amuse-bouche to get you Chef fans started.

The Cook’s Kitchen

Chef’s Menu

Chef’s Table

Dalvin Me Crazy


This Alexander Mattis team name can either be about celestial events, or it can be a dirty lil swear. Your call, boss.

Mattis the Season

Nothing Else Mattis

Kirk Cousins Fantasy Team Names

Am I the only one who's surprised that Kirk Cousins is not only still in the NFL but a Pro Bowler??

He’s now survived Covid outbreaks, coach attacks, and even the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins.

This man has earned every Kirk Cousins fantasy team name that he gets.

Kirk’s Enterprise

Captain Kirk’s Laser Beams

Captain Kirk and the Red Shirts

Cousins 1, Zimmer Zero

Cousins of the Father

TJ Hockenson Fantasy Football Team Names

TJ Hockenson has really come into his own in Minnesota. He’s now a Pro-Bowler, a bonafide TE1, and the spiritual heir to Jared Allen’s status as the hair GOAT.

I guess you could say these TJ Hockenson team names are a tribute to the hair heir.

Teej His Own

Hock Shop

Hock of Seagulls

I’ve Got Hock Itch

I feel many folks will be getting Hock Itch this draft season.

TJ Maxx

Hock Troops

Hock and Awe

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Names From Around the Internet

Like a Viking raiding party, so too did I pillage the best Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Names from around the internet.

Magic SKOL Bus

SKOL House Rock


Minnesota Moons

Ah yes, the infamous full Moss moon from so many moons ago.

Cookin Yo Ass

Thielin the Flow

Doin’ the Bull Dance.

Thielen Lucky

Thielen Minnesota

High school in Minnesota. College in Minnesota. Pros in Minnesota. Damn right, this guy’s Feelin’ Minnesota.

Adrian Beatersons

I admit that this one is pretty bad. But hey – maybe bad Vikings team names are what you’re actually looking for.

Minnesota Vikings Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Thielen Like Makin' Love

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