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Fantasy Basketball Team Names & League Name Ideas

Fantasy Basketball Team Names & League Name Ideas

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Updated on March 12, 2022 by Brad Perniciaro
Fantasy Basketball Team Names

If there’s one universal truth in fantasy basketball, it’s that teams that use auto-generated names always suck.

I’ve never seen an Aaron’s Awesome Team that was actually awesome. If there’s a Gordon’s Genius Team in your league, you can be 100% certain Gordon is not a genius.

Instead, use this fresh batch of fantasy basketball team names for 2023. Don’t be the auto-name guy – it’s embarrassing for everyone.

Fantasy Basketball Team Names for 2023

I love fantasy basketball because it’s the weirdest of all the fantasy sports. Rotations change, and players frequently develop out of nowhere.

It can be confusing at times, but it’s never dull.

Centers of Attention

Too Forward

Post-Up Malone

This fantasy basketball team name is for those who like contemporary music and classic players. Also, it's funny to picture Karl Malone with horrible face tattoos.

The Power of Brow

We've got more Anthony Davis fantasy basketball names below.

Big KAT Rescue

LBJ’s Great Society

This is probably my favorite fantasy basketball team name on this list because I love history. That is also probably why I like LeBron so much.

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Jokić’s Wild

Trae Cool

Caught Me Off-Guard

O.G. League

That fantasy basketball name idea can be either a reference to the Raptor’s OG Anounoby, or to the fact that you’re just old.

Guard Your Heart

OKC Wha Happened Was…

That’s how the Thunder’s coach started his explanation of why they got their ass kicked worst than any team ever.

Weak Side Dishes

Fried Tatums

Challenge of the Go-Berts

Any other 80’s kids out there whose parents were too poor to buy them Transformers?

Fantasy Basketball Name Generator

Fantasy Basketball Names From Writers & The Community

Fruit of LaVine

Enterprise’s VanVleet

ANT Farm

I think of this idea as an Anthony Edwards fantasy basketball name. But it works for Anthony Davis too.

It could even work for Greg Anthony if you’re a big TNT fan.

Luka Streak

Luka the Draw

Feeling Luka, Punk?

Fantasy Basketball Names from TV and Movies

I'm undecided when it comes to the best basketball movie ever. But I'm confident about the worst one: Space Jam - A New Legacy.

It’s a film about Looney Tunes playing basketball and made by people that understand neither Looney Tunes nor basketball. And yes, it's worse than both Celtic Pride and Air Bud.

Hickory High Huskers

Flint Tropics

Springfield Excitement

Toon Squad


Dimmsdale BallHogs

Charlotte Banshees

In all fairness to Space Jam - A New Legacy, I haven’t revisited Juwanna Mann. Something tells me it probably hasn’t aged well, especially in a time when men can now play women's sports.

But at least it has the excuse of being from the '90s.

Roswell Rayguns

Liberty City Penetrators

Liberty City Penetrators is by far the funniest basketball team name from the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Other name ideas from GTA include:

  • Liberty City Salamanders
  • Los Santos Shrimps
  • Los Santos Saints
  • Los Santos Panic
  • Liberty City Warriors

Cool Fantasy Basketball Team Name Ideas

No one said your fantasy basketball team name has to be some lame dad joke. It can also be a super-cool dad joke.

Rolling Bones

Oh man, I hope Bones Hyland has a successful career. His name is just perfect for creating fantasy basketball team names.

Giddey Up

My Name is Jonas Valanciunas

MSG Flavor

Return of the OG

The Halliburton Corporation

Good Fantasy Basketball Names if You’re Punting Categories

I love punting categories. It gives extra value to players with weaknesses, makes the game more interesting, and simplifies things.

Life is just easier when you say "The heck with it, I’m just not dealing with turnovers".

TO Funny

Tamland’s Bricks

This fantasy b-ball team name idea is an Anchorman reference that’s perfect for a punt field goals build.


Highly Offensive

I generally wouldn’t recommend punting the defensive stats. But you do you, baby.

I love this idea as a team name for fantasy hockey too.


No Offense

These last few fantasy basketball team name ideas are perfect if you’re punting points.

No Help

Acting Defensive

If you're looking for good fantasy hockey names, this may fit the bill.

No Dimes, No Quarter


Funniest Fantasy Basketball Names for 2023

If you can make your opponent laugh with a funny fantasy basketball team name, then you’ve already won.

The Jonathan Isaac Book Tour

Since he got hurt, Jonathan Isaac’s been writing books about how he’s God’s gift to basketball. Here’s my question: if God loves you so much, why did he give you knees that never heal?

He Went to Jarret


I think of this as a Toronto Raptors fantasy basketball team name.

Jrue or Dare

DeRozan Ceremony

I Never Promised You DeRozan Garden

Rozier the Riveter

The Cryptokeeper

Cryptokeeper is what the Lakers are calling Staples these days. Also, LeBron is old enough to get a Tales from the Crypt reference.

More Great Fantasy Basketball Team Name Ideas

Praise Ja

Stuck in the Middleton

Middleton America

Orange Juice

Did you know that basketballs weren't always orange? In the early days of the American Basketball Association, the most popular color was red.

But there were also yellow, blue, and white balls.

Christmas Garland

Garland of the Free

Jrue Dat

Rozier Colored Glasses

Clever Fantasy Basketball Names

For the fan who's trying to prove he knows the game with fantasy basketball names.

Matisse in the Paint

You can adapt this fantasy basketball name to basically any painter you dig: Van Gogh, Frieda Kahlo, Bob Ross - whoever. I just happen to also be a Matisse Thybulle stan.

Pick Up Sticks

This fantasy basketball name works because Jalen Smith was a key waiver wire pick-up for me down the stretch in '22.

Widdy Jokes


Trendon In the Right Direction

Winning Biid

Inappropriate Fantasy Basketball Team Names

These dirty fantasy basketball team names are not advisable for your average anonymous Yahoo leagues. Only pull these out in leagues with close, personal friends that you know are dirtbags (like you).

James Hardon

Anal Embiids



Buck My Life

Feel free to modify this bucking name any way you see fit:

  • What the Buck?
  • Buckfaces
  • IDGABuck
  • Bucked Over
  • Buck It
  • Bucked Up
  • Buck Around and Find Out
  • Who's Bucking this Chicken??

Tristan Thompson’s Double Dribble

In some senses, it’s kind of a flex to think you're so hot you can cheat on a Kardashian. In more or less every other sense, it's bucking stupid.

Creative Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Your opponents have will all season to figure out what your fantasy basketball name means.

Kounmpo Karate

Dončić Powder

Dejounte Wanna?

Dejounta Wish?

Dejounta Bother Me

Beal Street

Keep it Beal

Anthony Davis Fantasy Name Ideas

Anthony Davis is one of the most well-rounded fantasy basketball players. He contributes in every category, his percentages are solid, and he doesn’t turn the ball over.

If he could stay healthy for an entire season, I'd write a whole article of just Anthony Davis fantasy team names.

Brow Before Me

LeBrow Javis

That’s an Anthony Davis and LeBron James fantasy basketball team name.

AD Bryant

AD Bryant is an Anthony Davis and Kobe Bryant fantasy basketball team name with a bit of SNL flavor.

Damian Lillard Fantasy Team Names

Here’s the least-hot take you’ll probably ever hear: Damian Lillard is the best basketball player to come out of Weber State. Just in case you don’t have Basketball Reference memorized, the second-best is Willie Sojourner.

Case closed.

Squid Dame

Droppin’ Dames

Big Game Dames

Dame Shooty Dench

It’s unlikely that anyone ever uses this Judy Dench plus Damian Lillard fantasy team name. But it does make me chuckle.

Lonzo Ball Fantasy Basketball Name Ideas

Lonzo Ball can be an amazing fantasy asset if you're willing to punt some categories. And if you’ve been paying attention to these intros, you know I love me some punting.

Ball in the Family

I don't utually pat myself on the back, but here we are. This basketball team name idea is basically perfect, and no one else is going to do it, so… pat pat pat.

Lonzo Ball Spots

Lamelo’s Brothers

Lavar’s Second Favorite Son

Lon to Your Tricks

Fantasy Basketball Team Names from Around the Internet

Maybe it’s just me, but I think basketball is the sport with the best fantasy team names. The NBA fantasy community takes some Steph Curry-style deep shots and I’m here for it.

Big Girls Don’t Kawhi

Teenage Mutant Ninja Poetls

Gobert Report

Drummond Dumber

Malcom in the Middleton

Rage Against the Lavine

LaVine La Vida Loca

Law and Porter

50 Shades of Trae

Another Brick for John Wall

The Big Lebronski

The GOAT abides.

Fantasy Basketball Names From Readers

Greek in the Sheets

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Ballo'fcial Intelligence

Submitted by Daniel Philburn
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