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Funny Fantasy Football Names for Girls in 2023

Funny Fantasy Football Names for Girls in 2023

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Updated on October 22, 2022 by David Sharp
Fantast Football Team Names for Girls

Never underestimate the women in your fantasy football leagues.

Chances are she's already dealt with enough sexism, mansplaining, and general BS to last a lifetime. Beating up on the condescending men in her life is just the cherry on the Sunday.

These female fantasy football names will help you stand out from the pack while fitting in with the boys.

Go get 'em, ladies.

Female Fantasy Football Names for 2023

It's funny that guys think they know more about the NFL than the women in their leagues. After all, the dudes have taken exactly as many snaps as the ladies.

We're all tied at zero, people.

So let's just have some fun.

XX’s and O’s

The Woman King

The Woman In Black and Silver

This female fantasy name is perfect for the crossover Raiders and Daniel Radcliff fan.

Thick Thighs, Tough Guys

These might work as funny fantasy football division names.

Thick Thighs, Metcalfs

Chubb Thighs Save Lives


Trophy Wife

The Kittle Old Lady

I also like Kittle Old Lady from Santa Clara if you want a more specific women's fantasy team name.

Green Babe Packers

Ball Girls

If your league is girls-only, this also makes a great fantasy football league name.

Hell On Heels

You get a free logo with this female fantasy name.

Girls Fantasy Football Name - Hell on Heels

Lady in Red and Gold

For this female fantasy football name idea, other combinations that work include Lady in Red, White, and Blue and Lady in Red and Black.

Back that Pass Up

The A-Kupps

This NSFW fantasy football team name for females could be altered to the B-Kupps, the C-Kupps, etc.

Pick a team name that fits.

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Funny Girls Fantasy Football Names

Here are some fantasy football names for the girls to help you beat the boys at the game that really matters. Being hilarious.

Girl Power-I

Stop that Girl!

Leading Lady

Cover-2 Girl

Easy, breezy, beautiful. Cover-2.

Beauty’s Beasts

Belle Ringers

Swift D’Amsels

Cute Aggression

Dirty Damsels

This idea is a good NSFW fantasy football name for a girl.

Check out our entire article dedicated to dirty fantasy football names.

Fantasy Football Names for Moms

Whenever I asked my mom to let me win, she'd say, but then how will you ever learn? Here are some fantasy football team names for moms like mine.

Momma Bears

Mother Punters

The Mammas and the PPRs

If you're a mom, you're probably old enough to get a Mamas and the Papas reference. Or would this be more appropriate in the grandmas fantasy team names section?

Showing my age!

Pay the Rents

Momma Throws Best

Mama’s Boys

Naughty by Nurture

Female Fantasy Football Name Generator

Female Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Fantasy Football Name Ideas for Pregnant Women

You’re creating the next generation of fantasy geniuses. You deserve a fantasy team name worthy of your vaunted status.

Belly Buds

Amniotic Sacks

Gestation Jefferson

You can go even one step further with this pregnancy football team name and do Justin GestateYourSon.



Bradley Chubb Technique

Braxton-Mix Contractions

  • Braxton-Diggs Contractions
  • Braxton-Higgins Contractions
  • Braxton-Pitts Contractions
  • Jackson-Hicks Contractions

Davante A-Doula

Philadelphia Kegels

Lamaze Jackson

Girly Fantasy Football Team Names

You can look stunning in a little black dress on Saturday night and still set your lineups for Sunday. Here are some fantasy football team names for ladies that embrace the duality of being a woman that loves football.

Christian McDior

Zappe’s Shoes

D’Andre and Gabbana

You've got more options here than Dolce and Gabbana has 'fits.

  • Davante and Gabbana
  • Dolce and Kamara
  • Diontae and Gabbana
  • DeAndre and Gabbana

Shaved Pitts

Barbie Carr

Fantasy Football Name Ideas for Tomboys

Anyone who says sports aren't ladylike is just scared of getting their butt kicked by a girl. Here are some tomboy fantasy football team names for all the girls out there doing that butt-kicking.

Tomboy Brady

Sneakers > Heels

You could break these up into fantasy division names for a girls' league.

Broncos and Ponytails

Colts and Ponytails

Phasma Football

Nerdy girls will recognize this Phasma as the female leader of the stormtroopers in Star Wars.

We've got many more Star Wars fantasy football name ideas where that came from.

Gamer Girl

This tomboy team name is perfect for all the girls that are more at home playing Madden than maiden.

Sweatpants Sundays

Hoodie Rats

Fantasy Football Names for Grandmas

Some grandmas are content just making cookies and being sweet to their grandkids. Other grandmas think the best way to show their love is to beat the heck out of them in fantasy football.

Grandma’s Boys

Grandma’s House

Place Knitter

This grandma fantasy football team name is a different kind of PK.

Nanee Harris

Alvin Gramara

The Matriarchy

This idea could double as a funny political fantasy team name.

Cute Powderpuff Football Team Names

These are powderpuff football names for seniors looking to protect the throne, and for the juniors looking to usurp it.

Girl Crushers

Woman Up


Lady Killers


Saved by the Belles

Ladies Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

Victorious Secret

Sacks and the City

Friday Night Tights


Onside Chick

Running Back to Me

Female Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Cleats and Cleavage

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Baby Got Backfield

Submitted by Nicole
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