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San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2024 Teams

San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2024 Teams

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Updated on January 15, 2023 by David Sharp
San Francisco Fantasy Football Names

Imagine the luxury of being the 49ers’ Offensive Coordinator.

There’s a running back that can catch like a wide receiver and a wide receiver that runs like a back. There’s a tight end who catches like a receiver and another receiver that also catches like a receiver.

It’s almost too many options.

Here are our best San Francisco 49ers fantasy football names for [curentyear]. Let’s jump in the cable car and go for a ride.

The Best 49ers Fantasy Football Names

  1. Peanut Butter Dwelley Time
  2. Run-CMC
  3. Shanaham and Cheese
  4. Morty Niners
  5. Cisco Kid
  6. Montana Magic
  7. Stop Brock and Roll
  8. Hufangabouttogetit
  9. Aiyukrazy
  10. You're not the Bosa me
  11. Deeb Undercover
  12. The Purdy Mouths
  13. B.A. is Bad Ass
  14. Kittle Bit Nipply
  15. San Francisco is a Purdy City
  16. Purdy Little Liars
  17. The Meatpacking District
  18. Best Frans
  19. Fort Points
  20. Jimmy Ghirardelli

49ers Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Peanut Butter Dwelley Time

Submitted by Frank M.
3 Votes
Max 3 votes.


Submitted by Daniel H
2 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Shanaham and Cheese

1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Morty Niners

Submitted by Mark
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Cisco Kid

Submitted by Eren Mors
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Montana Magic

0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Stop Brock and Roll

Submitted by Vick
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.


Submitted by Nolan
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.


Submitted by SV
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

You're not the Bosa me

Submitted by Owen Partlow
-1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

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San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Football Names for 2024

The Christian McCaffrey trade overshadows the fact that the 49ers know how to develop talent. We've got Niners fantasy team names for Deebo, Kittle, Nick Bosa, Brandon Aiyuk, and the other gold nuggets they've unearthed.

Deeb Undercover

The Purdy Mouths

B.A. is Bad Ass

This Brandon Aiyuk fantasy team name may or may not meet the standards of acceptability in all leagues. I’ve seen some get by that are far, far worse, but this does have the dreaded A-word in it.

Kittle Bit Nipply

San Francisco is a Purdy City

Purdy Little Liars

The Meatpacking District

There’s a lot of meat to unpack here.

Best Frans

Fort Points

Fort Points is a deep San Francisco fantasy team name, but locals will get it.

Jimmy Ghirardelli


Cable McCarfrey

No Kaep

Like it or not, it's time to come to grips with the fact that Colin Kaepernick is never coming back. It's now officially safe to use memorial Kaepernick team names.

  • Tip O'the Kaep
  • Pop a Kaep
  • Backwards Kaep
  • Salary Kaep




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McCaffrey Fantasy Team Names

The Trade unlocked prime C-Mac at just the right time for the Niners and for fantasy owners alike. Here are some Christian McCaffrey fantasy team names to celebrate the most dangerous weapon in football.


McCaffries of Nature

McC Hammers

TeleCaff Hill

The best thing about the trading of a superstar is that a whole set of new region-based puns is unearthed.

Ok, if you're a professional fantasy team name thinker-upper, that's the best part. Experiences for real humans may vary.

The San Francisco MintCaffrey

The McFlatirons

Be sure to check out our master list of Christian McCaffrey fantasy team name ideas.

Deebo Samuel Fantasy Team Names

Imagine having Deebo Samuel as your second-most talented offensive option. Here are some Deebo Samuel fantasy football team names to honor one of the most fun players in the league.

Deebo and Deearrow


Deebopatch is a super-local San Francisco fantasy team name, though it could also be about tweed jackets. You know, The Elbow Patch? No?

Deebo Samuel L. Jackson

The Deeb End

Deeb Fakes

Sam Francisco

49ers Fantasy Football Name Generator

49ers Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

George Kittle Fantasy Team Names

Tight end can be such an annoying position. Sometimes it feels like you’re trying to choose between a guy who's projected to give you 5.5 points and a guy who's projected to give you 5.3 points.

With Kittle, you automatically have a leg up on all those other teams and their mediocre TEs. Well, all those teams whose TEs aren’t named Kelce, that is.

Kittle and Kaboodle

Fresh Kit

Kittle Boga

For all those scambaiting fans out there.

Frank Reynolds’ Kittle Beauties

Knight Rider and Kittle

Brandon Aiyuk Fantasy Team Names

Brandon Aiyuk can get a little lost in all of the sparkle coming off his teammates. He doesn’t have the name recognition of McCaffrey or Deebo, but he’s established himself as a year-to-year rock.

Or should I say, Steady as Aiyuk?

Steady as Aiyuk

It helps if you sing it like Bob Seger.

Building Your Brandon

Let’s Go Brandon

If you’re looking for more political fantasy team names, we’ve got you covered.

Goofy Aiyuks

Brandon and On and On

Brock Purdy Fantasy Team Names

Brock Purdy’s run through the end of the ’22 season won a lot of fantasy owners’ hearts (and leagues). It remains to be seen if Brock is the long-term answer in SF, or just a magical story.

You Got a Purdy Mouth


This is essentially the same joke as Deebopatch earlier. If you got it then, you still get it now, and if you didn’t, then, well…


Choppin’ Brock Purdy

Listen to Choppin' Broccoli once while thinking about Brock Purdy, and that’s how you’ll think of it from then on.

The Purdy Dozen

Throwing BP

That’s a mixed baseball and football fantasy team name, but I think it works. Because, you know, throwing.

Trey Lance Fantasy Team Names

Trey Lance is one of the biggest question marks in football. How good can he be when he gets the chance?

And now that the world has fallen in love with Brock Purdey, will he ever even get that chance?

Lanswer the Call

Lanswer the Question

Trey Times the Charm

You can only be the QB of the future for so long, At some point, you have to be the QB of the present or be a QB of the past.

At First Lance

San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Football Names From Around the Internet

What the Niners' quarterback journey has taught me is that you can find talent in some unexpected places. Here are the last few 49ers team names that I've scouted from other sites used to fill out our roster.

4th and Niners

Say Hello to My Kittle Friend

Kittles and Bits


Shanagram Story

Jerry Rice-A-Roni

The San Francisco Threat.

Garoppolypse Now

50 Shades of Trey


Fantasy Name Ideas for Other NFL Teams

Here's our current crop of fantasy team name articles for the NFL.

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