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Fantasy Hockey Team Names Ideas for 2023 Leagues

Fantasy Hockey Team Names Ideas for 2023 Leagues

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Updated on September 24, 2022 by David Sharp
Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Connor McDavid is the king of fantasy hockey, but that can change quicker than a scoring line. You're not obligated to name your team after him, even if you're lucky enough to draft him.

The NHL is loaded with players worthy of being your team's namesake. You can also use your favorite team, classic players, or make a dirty pucking pun.

Here are our best fantasy hockey team names for 2023.

Funny Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Hockey is a serious sport for serious dudes. But there's no reason to take fantasy hockey (or any other fantasy sport) too seriously.

Here are some funny fantasy hockey names for all the folks that remember this is all pretend.

Badge of Connor

Conner-Bound to Serve

McD’s Drive Through

McD’s Tonight

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Conn Men

This hockey team name can be either a Connor McDavid reference or a Conn Smythe reference. Take your pick.

Rantanen Raving

Gotta Have Hart

Clever as A Dam Fox


Drai Run

  • Drai Run
  • High and Drai
  • Bone-Drai
  • Drai Out
  • Drai Up
  • Hung Out to Drai

Stay In Your Laine

You Kane Do It

Tkachuk Wagon

Beyond Huberdeaume

Huberdeaun’t Play Dat

The Kirill Deal

  • Kirill or Be Killed
  • Kirill Instinct
  • Kirill Klowns from Outer Space
  • Kirill the Fatted Calf
  • License to Kirill
  • Thrill Kirill Cult

Raise the Barkov

Barkov Down

Standing Ovechkin

Roman Josi and the Pussycats

If you can pull it off, Josi and DeBrincats would be epic.

Fantasy Hockey Names for 2023

Here are some fantasy hockey team name ideas based on NHL team names. Remember, if you don't have any players from your favorite team you have to prove your loyalty somehow.

Kings of Hearts

Lightning Strikers

Blackhawks Down

Devils Advocate

The Devils Made Me Do It

Take It or Leaf It

  • Leaf Me Be
  • Leaf Me Alone
  • Leafed Behind
  • Leaf the Light On

Trouble Bruins

Penny Sabres

Ranger Management

Fantasy Hockey Name Generator

Fantasy Hockey Names From Writers & The Community

Over-Ambitious Goals

Blues Clues

If you're looking for fantasy basketball team names, this would be a good idea.

I've Got the Blues

Edmontons of Fun

Sens and Sensability

Kraken and Barbie

It pains me to say this, but the Barbie movie makes this fantasy hockey team name sadly relevant.

Ave a Ball

I Ave Your Back

Could Ave, Should Ave, Should Ave


Ducks and Cover

Ferda Panthers

Clever Fantasy Hockey Team Names Based on Former Players

Show some love for the history of the game with these classic fantasy hockey team names.

Gretzky Bums

Hull Lotta Love

Makin’ a Messier

Ennay Chelios

That’s NHL + Chris Chelios

Dionne Warstick

Jager Bombs

Hat Trickin'

If you moonlight with the MLB this could be a good fantasy baseball team name.

The Winning Teemu

Sakic of Oates

Joe Sakic and Adam Oates never played together in real life, but mashups like this are why fantasy sports exist.

Mikita My Heart

Domi Nation

McSore Losers

Inappropriate Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Hockey players are some dirty birds, and if you doubt it listen to their chirping sometimes. Here are some vulgar hockey team names too spicy for mic'd up.

Giving Good Hedman

My Timo the Meinth

Pass Holes

  • Kiss My Pass
  • Pass Puckers
  • Kicking Passes and Taking Names
  • Pass Blasters
  • Pass Wipes

Ahos in Different Area Codes

Kakko Blockers

Kuem Dumpsters

The Best Fantasy Hockey League Names

Wait, you already figured out your team's name, and now you need a fantasy hockey league name too? Heck, this would almost be like real work if it wasn't for us here in the huddle.

The Chell

Netflix an Chell


Da Boys


Power Players

No Hosers League

The Enforcers

I also like this idea for a fantasy football team name.

Nasty Hits League

Numerical Hockey League

Pittsburgh Penguins Fantasy Hockey Names

Picking a Penguins fantasy team name is more challenging than choosing between Crosby or Lemieux for your all-timers lineup.

Sid’s Kids

Guentzel’s Pretzels

Drinking Letang

Malkin Copies

This Evgeni Malkin team name works best if you do the voice. And yeah, I guess that means we have two Rob Schneider references on this list.

Malkin Progress

Caught in the Cookie Jarry

Rust Bucket

Bros Before Kehoes

Orpik a Winner

Lemieux At ‘Em

  • Lemieux and I
  • Lemieux Know It
  • Lemieux Wish
  • Lemieux Never Know

Detroit Red Wings Fantasy Name Ideas

Get that octopus out of your pants, it's time for some Red Wings fantasy hockey names.

Sawchuck's Dermitology Clinic

Whose Seider You On?

Less is Moritz

The Moritz the Merrier

Raymond of Sunshine

On a Larkin

Partridge in a Perron Tree

Howe’s It Going?

Here are some more Gordie Howe team names in this same vein.

  • Howe Ya Doin?
  • Howe Did This Happen?
  • Howe is This Possible?
  • Howe Now?

Keep a Lidström On It

Yzerman Down

Philadelphia Flyers Fantasy Team Names

Flyers fans can be tough on their team, but they're loyal as a pit bull. You can prove this by picking a Flyers fantasy team name, regardless of the team's performance on the ice.


Coutourier of Duty

Haute Coutourier

Guardian DeAngelo

We've got an angel's share more of DeAngelo team name puns here.

  • DeAngelo Riders
  • DeAngelo Passes
  • DeAngelo of Death
  • DeAngelos and Devils
  • DeAngelo Dust

Bernie Parent Trap

Clarke Bars

Hextall Wrenches

Propps to You

To Hell and Gagne

Long Gagne

Fantasy Hockey Names from Around the Internet

McDavid might not lead the league in goals, but he's always at or near the top in total points. Why?

Because he gives up the puck for the assist. I got these beauties from other sites, and now I'm sending them down the ice to you to score.

Wu-LeTang Clan

Dumb and Dumba

Dude, Where’s Makar?

NapoLEON DRAInamite

D’Yer Makar

It’s Raining Schenn

Taxicab Kanefessions

This idea can be either a Patrick Kane fantasy hockey team name or an Evander Kane team name. Or hey, maybe you’re lucky enough to have both?

Eichel Tower

Moves Like Jagr

Excessive Forsberg

Aho Spaghettios

Wholesome AF.

Puck Buddies

Tkachuk E. Cheese

Kraken a Cold One

Fantasy Hockey Names From Readers

Blades of Glory

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Positive Net worth

Submitted by Frank Smith
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Orrs before Whores

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Hanrihan she's a Van Reimsdyk

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