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Chicago Bears Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

Chicago Bears Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

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Updated on March 3, 2023 by David Sharp
Chicago Bears Fantasy Football Names

The Bears used to be terrible. But now with Justin Fields under center… well, they’re still terrible. But at least they’re interesting now.

Fields is like the second coming of Mike Vick, but without all the gross stuff. We’ve got a fresh set of Justin Fields and Chicago Bears fantasy football names to celebrate their future fantasy wins.

The real-life wins? Hopefully, they’re on the way next.

Funny Chicago Bears Fantasy Football Names

The Bears are one of the few sports organizations that will always be great. They’re great even during times when they aren’t very good.

No matter how the team is playing on the field, Chicago Bears fantasy names will always be in style.

Fields Good to Be a Gangsta

Don't worry, we'll have plenty more Justin Fields team name ideas further down.

I Walk In Fields of Cole

The Montgomery Ward

Eberflus Season

I hope Matt Eberflus is around for a while, but not because I have any great love for him as a coach. I just like making Eberflus fantasy team names.

Poles Position

Win or Fluse

Happy Eber After

Khalil Nas X

You’ve got plenty of other options here. It turns out Lil has been pretty popular with those rap fellas.

  • Khalil Wayne
  • Khalil Pump
  • Khalil Uzi Vert
  • Khalil Yachty

I Just Kmet You So Cole Me Maybe

Attention Kmet Shoppers

Cole Hearted


Distance Over Time Equals Velus Jr.

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Chicago Bears Fantasy Names for 2023

Second City, Zanies, the Annoyance - Chicago is a legendary comedy town. This is good, because the way the Bears have played in recent years, you gotta be able to laugh.

Fields Like the First Down


The Status of David

Is it just me, or is David Montgomery always just a little disappointing? He's never bad; he's just never quite as good as I want him to be.

Kmet Gala


Perennial Flusers

Playing Fast and Flus

Velust for Life

Chicago Bears Fantasy Football Name Generator

Chicago Bears Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Justin Fields Fantasy Team Names

Justin Fields is Chicago’s first fantasy-relevant quarterback since Jay Cutler. And frankly, I don’t know if Cutler counts as fantasy relevant.

Here are some Justin Fields fantasy team names to celebrate finally having a quarterback worth watching.

Catching Fields

Fields’ Soldiers

Fields’ Field

Fields Good Man

If the season goes into the toilet, you can morph this team name into Fields Bad Man.

Fields Good Inc

Fields So Good


Fields General

Track and Fields

Chicago Fantasy Football Name Ideas

Here are some local Chicago fantasy team names for all you true Windy City kiddies. Which is not a thing anyone calls Chicagoans.

In the Loop

Looper Troopers

Chi, Chi Again

Bean There, Done That

This Chicago team name idea is what you say if anyone asks you to go back and check out The Bean again.

Pier Review

Game Winning Lakeshore Drive

Hancock Blockers

Staley Starch Makers

Chicago Bears Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

The Bears are an American institution, just like shoddy research and taking credit for other people’s ideas. In that spirit, here are some Chicago Bears fantasy team name ideas I swiped from round the internet.

Justin Fields Forever

Run DM, See?

Grin and Bear It

Bear Necessities

Bear Force One

Bear Down

Roquan Roll

Nagurski Bums

Moby Ditka

Bucking Bronkos

Chicago Bears Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Full Mooney

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