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Cleveland Browns Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2024 Teams

Cleveland Browns Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2024 Teams

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Updated on January 29, 2023 by David Sharp
Cleveland Browns Fantasy Football Names

The Browns' ouster of the homegrown Baker Mayfield for *massage enthusiast* Deshaun Watson feels almost Shakespearean. Or at least it might, if I'd read more Shakespeare.

My illiteracy aside, The Switch was one of the most extreme organizational left-turns in NFL history. Now we're all left watching and waiting for the results.

Here are our best Cleveland Browns fantasy football names to celebrate the start of yet another new era in Ohio.

Funny Cleveland Browns Fantasy Football Names for 2024

I'd like to take a moment to praise Jacoby Brissett. He's made a career of being the guy that starts at quarterback when the guy you want to start, can't.

He did it yet again when the Browns needed someone to keep the seat warm until Deshaun Watson was, ahem, ready. Ok, moment over, we can return to your regularly-scheduled Browns fantasy names now.

Rolling Brown Outs

Cuyahogas and Grinders

Farley. And that Sandler guy too, I guess.

A League of Our Browns

Cleveland Browns, But Sung to the Tune of Cleveland Rocks

Myles Garrett’s Greatest Hits

You club one guy with his own helmet and that’s all people want to talk about.

Smiles Garrett

Now that’s a little more wholesome.

Stefanski Universe

Steven Universe references. Even more wholesomer.

We the Peoples-Jones

Cleveland Browns Fantasy Name - We the Peoples Jones

The Peoples-Jones Court

Comfy P-J’s

Donovan’s P-J Party

Demetric System

Dear Demetric Felton, please be good enough to warrant even just ironic or mascot-level team name status. Sincerely, every fantasy football team name writer out there.

  • Millenium Felton
  • Felton Hard Times
  • Demetric S-Ton
  • Demetrically Balanced
  • Demetrically Opposed

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Smoked Brissett

Njoker: Folie à Deux

Offensive Njoku

If that doesn’t quite do it for you, there are tons of other Njoku-joke jokes out there.

  • Inside Njoku
  • Njoku’s On You
  • Yo Mama Njokus
  • Rude Njokus

Jim Brown’s Browns Gym

Jars of Clay Matthews

Receiving in the Flats

This may be the most Cleveland-y of all these Cleveland fantasy team names.

Kamm's Cornerbacks

Actually, this is the team name that's the Clevelandyest.

Cleveland Browns Fantasy Football Name Generator

Cleveland Browns Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Nick Chubb Fantasy Team Names for 2024

Nick Chubb will most likely finish his career as the Browns’ all-time leader in rushing yards. Or at least he would be if some guy named Jim Brown didn’t exist.

Here are some Nick Chubb fantasy names to pay tribute to the greatest rusher in Browns history, non-Jim Brown division.

Rated NC-24


Fight Chubb

The first rule of Fight Chubb is you do not fight Nick Chubb.

Chubfield Progress

Full Chubb

In all fairness, this name was pulled off from our Vulgar Fantasy Team Names article. Also, I should probably reconsider the wording of that last sentence.

Darling Nicky

The Chubb-Chubb Bird

Chubb-Chubb the Iguana

Amari Cooper Fantasy Team Name Ideas

So you may not know this, but a cooper is a maker of barrels. That fact may be boring, but in fairness so are Amari Cooper's stat lines.

Cooper is basically a rock-solid WR2 every year, which is actually pretty great. In fantasy football, I'll take boring but reliable every time.

Amarine Corps


Cooper Scoops

I’ll never understand why that hasn’t caught on as a nickname for Amari Cooper’s catches.

Charlie Browns and Coopie


Yes, that’s my third Cuyahoga reference this article. Look, it’s just a great word that I never get to use unless were talking Cleveland fantasy sports names.

Coops I Did it Again

Amareasy Street

Amari There

Deshaun Watson Fantasy Football Names

I have no comment on the Deshaun Watson situation. Other than all of the comments I have made in the past and will continue to make in the future.

Watsonder the Towel

Hit Deshowers, Watson

Easy, Tiger

Deshaun Desheep

Just in case you were still looking for wholesome, but also wanted a Deshaun Watson fantasy team name.

Watson the Box?!?

Watson TV

Former Browns Fantasy Team Names

We all know how it goes: you think you’ve found the one and life is grand, only for it to all fall apart in a heartbeat. Here are a few last wistful Baker Mayfield fantasy team names just for old times’ sake.

It’s Not You, It’s May

Baking Up Is Hard to Do

Winning the Bake-Up

It’s been hard to watch Baker Mayfield in his post-Cleveland career. You always want to see your ex struggle a little without you, but this was almost too much.

Heart Baker

Owner of a Baker Heart

Bake-Up Anthem

I Still Have Mayfeelings

Cleveland Browns Fantasy Team Name Ideas from Around the Internet

I searched the internet for Cleveland Browns fantasy team names that I liked, and then I Art Modelled the heck out of them. By which, I mean I stole them in the middle of the night and have zero regrets about it.

Myles High Chubb

Sure, that may be some low-brow comedy, but you must admit it's some pretty high-brow wordplay.

Big Chubb Energy

Chubb-a-Dub-Dub in the Tub

Space Browns

Kevin Onlyfanski

Bernie Kosar's DD

Hot Chubb Time Machine

The classic. I wouldn't want you to think I'd forgotten it.

Cleveland Browns Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Junkyard Dawgs

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