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Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

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Updated on February 19, 2023 by David Sharp
Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Names

A warning for Chiefs fans: don’t turn into Patriots fans.

Things have undoubtedly been going gangbusters in KC, just like they used to in New England. But stay humble.

Over the last couple of decades, Pats fans became insufferable. The world still likes you Chiefs people – for now.

So here are some Kansas City Chiefs fantasy football names to help keep the fun going, however long it lasts.

Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Names for 2023

It's always interesting when you're aware that you're witnessing history. Mahomes, Kelce, and Reid have already accomplished so much that everything else is just adding paragraphs to their HoF resumes.

Maybe they'll even include some of these Kansas City Chiefs fantasy names on the plaques. I mean, they'd have to be really funny, but you never know.

Red and Gold Rush


Mashowmes is another option if you want to use Mahomes' Showtime nickname.

You Schuster Be Mine

JuJu Siwa

JuJu of the Nile

Over the Hill

I wonder if Tyreek Hill was in his feelings watching KC win without him. I guess he'll just have to cry himself to sleep in his Miami mansion on a pile of money. Poor thing.

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Kiss My Butker

Chronicles of Jerick

Sneed vs Want

Sneed for Speed

You could just as easily go with Need for Snead, and I wouldn't be mad at it.

Toney Down for What?

Toney Up the Volume

ChrisJones Missionaries

The way Chiefs fans feel about Chris Jones is almost religious.

The Reid Option

Reid It and Weep

Left On Reid

Andyman Andyman Andyman

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Team Names

I like Patrick Mahomes because he’s not just a good football player; he’s also a weird football player. The shovel passes, the no looks, the infamous Pikachu.

Tom Brady was great, but holy crap was he boring compared to St. Patrick. Here are some Patrick Mahomes team names to pay homage to the GOAT apparent.

Pikachu Mahomes

I would also accept Patkachu, or even I Choose You, Patkachu! Come to think of it, Pokemon and fantasy football are not really all that dissimilar.

Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Name Generator

Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Mahomeschool Dropouts

Mahomes Alone 2: Lost In New York

I don't know why that's funnier to me than just Mahomes Alone, it just is.

Spongebob and Patrick the Star

This is both a Spongebob reference and just a straight-up fact.


Travis Kelce Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Travis Kelce is doing his best to out-Gronk Rob Gronkowski. They’re both larger-than-life Tight Ends with Pro-Bowler brothers, multiple Super Bowl rings, and some sweet dance moves.

Now all Kelce needs are his own energy drink line and a party barge. Here are some Robis Gronkelce - I mean Travis Kelce fantasy football team names to keep the party going.

Robis Gronkelce

Kelce Lately

Stochastic Kelcequence

Most folks probably have no idea what I’m referencing here, but one nerd out there is very happy.

Kelce Me Rollin’

Kelce Your Destiny


Isiah Pacheco Fantasy Football Names

My curse as a fantasy player is that I can never forget those players I dropped right before they break out. I’ve forgotten all my season-saving waiver adds, but I’ll never forget that I dropped Pacheco the week before he exploded.

Here are some Isiah Pacheco fantasy team names to rub salt in my wounds.

Pacheco Adams

Pachec Marks

Pacheco Yourself Before You Pawrecko Yourself

Pay Checkos

IP Address

Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

Like Chris Jones, I'm not out here looking for fame or glory, I just want to get the job done. If none of the other Chiefs team names on this list work for you, maybe one of these names will.

Also, it's good CJ isn't looking for fame or glory, because Chris Jones might be the most forgettable name ever.

Game of Mahomes

Obi-Wan Mahomie

ET Phone Mahomes

St. Patrick's Day

I'll See You In Kelce

Andy and His Toys

JuJu Binks


You can make it Meesa JuJu Binks if you really want to engage in some cruel psychological warfare. Your league-mates will have to hear Jar-Jar’s voice in their head every time they play you – truly devious.

Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Names From Readers

KC Chieftoids

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