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Fantasy Baseball Names - Funny and Clever Team & League Name Ideas in 2024

Fantasy Baseball Names - Funny and Clever Team & League Name Ideas in 2024

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Updated on March 12, 2022 by Brad Perniciaro
Fantasy Baseball Team Names

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Every fantasy draft ever:

Early rounds: I can’t believe I got that guy!
Middle rounds: I know there’s a surprise all-star in here somewhere.
Late rounds: I’m seriously mad at myself for picking this loser.

Here are some funny fantasy baseball team names to get the taste of those last rounds out of your mouth. And hey, you’re gonna drop most of those guys anyway. So take it easy!

The Best Fantasy Baseball Names

  1. Fielder of Dreams
  2. Freddie freeman
  3. Tacky Spiders
  4. Rafael Deversity is Our Strength
  5. The Donks
  6. Donks for the Memories
  7. Dadbods
  8. Waiver Whiners
  9. Keith Law Abiding Citizens
  10. Waiver Wire-to-Wire Winners
  11. Atlanta Cowards
  12. Will Smith Rocks
  13. Betty White Sox
  14. Homer at the Bat
  15. Mr. Burnes’ Ringers
  16. Will Smith's Slap Hits
  17. Box of Rox
  18. Designated Huggers
  19. Arms Race
  20. The Sweats

Fantasy Baseball Names From Readers

Fielder of Dreams

Submitted by Angela
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Freddie freeman

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Fantasy Baseball Team Names for 2024

Are you the "name your team after your first-rounder" type? Or are you more of a "commentary on the state of the game" kind of guy?

Maybe you’re one of those "I named my team after a classic retired player" girls. Or even one of those "I named my team after an obscure player as some kind of test" maniacs.

Regardless of your naming approach, we’ve got plenty of fantasy baseball names to suit your style. So dig in!

Tacky Spiders

Rafael Deversity is Our Strength

I'm sure there are plenty of woke fantasy baseball leagues out there.

Fantasy Baseball Name - Deversity

The Donks

Donks for the Memories


Waiver Whiners

I love this as a fantasy football team name idea.

Keith Law Abiding Citizens

Waiver Wire-to-Wire Winners

Atlanta Cowards

This fantasy baseball team name is for those that hate the Braves. Or, it could be for Braves fans that resent their unwillingness to pay for Freddie Freeman.

Will Smith Rocks

Betty White Sox

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Homer at the Bat

This fantasy baseball name harkens back to the classic Simpsons softball episode. You can pull any number of different team name ideas from it:

  • 1992 City Champs
  • Wonderbats
  • The Steve Sax Trio

  • Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Ringers
  • Mr. Burns’ Ringers

Mr. Burnes’ Ringers

This idea converts the Mr. Burns' Ringers team name into a Corbin Burnes reference.

Will Smith's Slap Hits

Box of Rox

Box of Rocks is fantasy slang for a trade offer where one side gets nothing of value. A box of rocks is also more than the Rockies got for Jon Gray and Trevor Story combined.

Designated Huggers

Arms Race

The Sweats

A sweat is slang for someone that takes trivial things like fantasy sports too seriously. Not only that, but it’s probably what you’re wearing while setting your lineups.


Locked In

Penned Up

Funny Fantasy Baseball Names

No one will ever think you’re tough, cool, or a future MLB GM because of your team name. So relax and go with a name that you think is hilarious.

Devers Assets

Justice Soto Mayor

Clase Act

Trout of Action

The window of Mike Trout being universally regarded as the best player in fantasy baseball has closed. And it probably closed on Mike Trout’s thumb, causing him to miss 6-8 weeks.

Fantasy Baseball Name Generator

Fantasy Baseball Names From Writers & The Community

Lowe Blows

This fantasy baseball name works if Brandon Lowe is cranking homers (or even if he’s stinking it up). On the off chance you pull for Lowe, but don't dig that particular team name, here are some other options:

  • All Time Lowe
  • Friends in Lowe Places
  • Lowe Expectations
  • New Lowes

Rip Corbs

Burnes Unit


I love Jacob deGrom the starting pitcher, and I love Jacob "deGrom" the fantasy baseball team name starter. Here are some other deGrom fantasy names, simply because I think they sound funny:

  • World deGromination
  • Total deGromdation
  • deGromniscient

  • deGromnivores
  • deGromnomnomnivores

Classic Fantasy Baseball Team Name Ideas

Most players base their fantasy baseball team names are current players. I prefer old-school fantasy baseball names.

But I am also quite old. So consider that factor.

Mantle Pieces

Ripken Farts

Robinsons of Anarchy

Just the Koufax, Ma'am

Koufax Machines

Gwynn at All Costs

I can also dig the simplicity of just Gwynners.

Mel Ott to Be In Pictures

Gehrigged Game

Just Griffing

Barry Bonds Did Nothing Wrong

I mean, I think he did – lots of things – but you may not. Or you may just be trollin’.

Getting Maddux In a Row

An Ichiro By Any Other Name

Stop and Smell the Ichiros

Picking Posies

Sammy’s Corkers

Offensive Fantasy Baseball Names for 2024

Baseball is a dirty game, and so are your fantasies. So you might as well have a dirty fantasy baseball team name.

Randy’s Big Unit

Receiving Bellatio

Eat My Shift

Looking for fantasy hockey team names? You're welcome.

I Like it Woodruff

Woodruff Trade

Tucker Gently

Mother Tuckers

There are more Kyle Tucker team names coming up in our Houston Astros fantasy baseball team names section.

Sho Us Your Tits

You could replace this offensive fantasy baseball name with Sho Us Your Tatis (if you're lucky enough to have both).

Semien Samples

Chisholm My Face

Or Jazz On My Face. Damn, Jazz Chisholm must have heard some jokes growing up!

Covid Fantasy Baseball Name Ideas

I thought 2020 would be the only year I’d be making a list of Coronavirus fantasy team names. Oh, how wrong I was!

The Covid Starting 19


No Hugs, I’m a Waiver


Travel Fauchers

Or Meal Fauchers if your company is cheap.

Antisocial Distancing

Winning is Contageous

Unprecedented Tims

Vaccine Cardinals

Vaccine Freemandate

Freddie Freeman has the best player name that works with this baseball pun. But he certainly isn’t the only one:

  • Vaccine Bregmandate
  • Vaccine Gausmandate
  • Vaccine Edmandate
  • Vaccine McMahondate

  • Vaccine Grossmandate
  • Vaccine Chapmandates
  • Vaccine Manaeates

Cubs Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Ok, so Schwindel-Madrigal-Wisdom doesn’t quite have the same ring as Bryant-Baez-Rizzo – yet. YET.

The Tinder Schwindeler

The Family Madrigal

Wisdom of the Ancients

Common Wisdom

Contreras to Popular Belief

Seiya, Suckers

Suzuki Samurai

Stroman Argument

The Baez, Bryant, and Rizzo Mortuary

Astros Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Is there any player who’s changed their profile more than Jose Altuve? He went from speedy, light-hitting loveable underdog to slow, power-hitting pariah.

What a transformation!

Don’t Rip My Shirt Off!

Tuve Party Tonight!

Yul and i

Verlander of the Free

Stealing Astrology Signs

Framber is the Color of Your Energy

Am I the only one that remembers 311? Also, is there any way I can stop remembering 311?

Tucker Convoy

The Yordan Rules

The River Yordan

Dodgers Fantasy Baseball Team Names

I love the tit-for-tat between the Dodgers and Braves:

  1. Dodgers beat Braves on the way to winning the World Series
  2. Braves beat Dodgers on the way to winning the World Series
  3. Dodgers retaliate by signing Freddie Freeman
  4. Braves retaliate by signing Kenley Jansen

What’s next? Does Coca-Cola move its headquarters to LA? Angeline puts up billboards in Atlanta? Whatever it is, I'm ready with the popcorn!


Adding Freddie Freeman fast-forwarded the Dodgers' offense. Remember, before he got to LA, they were using the ghost of Albert Pujols at first.

Freddy Expensiveman

Freeman Isn’t Free

Treinen Our Best

Nice Treinen but No Cigar

Brusdar of the Show

CT Scanners

Risky Betts

Smart Betts

Yankees Fantasy Baseball Team Names

With all the flashy moves the Mets have been making, are the Yankees in danger of losing top dog status? Uhh… no – and I’ll give you 27 reasons why not.

Cole’s Department Store

Johnny Lasagna’s Italian Restaurant

Aroldis Dice

DJ, JD, AJ, & JG

Rizzo-li and Isiahls

Chap’s Hicks

Cole Stockings

Free Brittony

The Gallo Winery

Friends in Gallo Places

Fantasy Baseball League Name Ideas

If you're going through the trouble of brainstorming a catchy fantasy baseball name, you might as well include funny fantasy baseball league names too!

A League of their PWNed

Major Leauge Dads

Free Love & Gloves

The Dad Jokes

Fantasy Baseball Team Names from Around the Web

I found some Netflix fantasy baseball names, some classic movie fantasy baseball team names, and some just plain silly team names. If the other names in this article didn’t inspire you, maybe one of these will work.


The Book of Bo Bichette

The Trevorending Story

La-da-da Da-da-da da-da-DAA-DAAAAAAAA

Once Upon a Time in HollyWoodruf

Triston the Night Away

Angels in the Troutfield

Didi Grogu-rious


The Balking Dead

No Soup for Yu!

Colonel Xanders

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