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Tennessee Titans Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

Tennessee Titans Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

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Updated on February 7, 2023 by David Sharp
Tennessee Titans Fantasy Football Names

Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill have been together for half a decade. In non-football terms, that translates to roughly seven billion years.

The duo has been pretty good in their time, and both are ultimately going down as franchise icons. But if they really want to earn statues outside of Nissan Stadium, they'll need a championship.

Here are some Tennessee Titans fantasy football names to help bring that elusive title to Titan town.

Tennessee Titans Fantasy Football Names for 2023

It’s been over sixty years since the Titans franchise has won a title, and no Nashvillian has ever tasted that ultimate victory. If they could only bring a championship to the Music City, they’d have ballad after ballad composed in their honor.

Until then, the only odes they'll be getting are these Tennessee Titans' fantasy names.

Tennessee Sour Mashers


I know this nickname is more of a Preadators thing, but they can share.


Smokies and the Tanndit

Malik My Derrick

Really, Malik My ­­­­­___________ works, just fill in the blank with the body part of your choice. I just like the twofer for Derrick Henry owners.


Good Woods

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Getting’ Chiggy Wit It

Chig Okonkwo is my TE sleeper pick for this year. If I'm being honest though, that's just because I want an excuse to write more Chig Okonkwo team names.

  • Kwo My Goodness
  • Chig D Energy
  • Chiggy Pop
  • Okonkwo Face
  • Chigspeare

Hangin’ With Mr. Hooper

Yard Byard

Simmons Down Now

Strunk Out

Lori’s Locusts

If you don’t know what this Titans team name means, just check out this interview. LL seems like a badass.

Tennessee Titans Fantasy Football Name Generator

Tennessee Titans Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

SoBro Bros


Over the Moon

The Adventures of Baron Munchack

Or, if you have a taste for darker fair, Munchak's By Proxy.

Derrick Henry Fantasy Team Names

Derrick Henry’s career is starting to look a lot like one of his runs. Just as it looked like he was starting to slow down, he found another burst and just kept producing.

Here are our best Derrick Henry fantasy names to pay homage to the unstoppable force that is El Tractorcito.

Oiler Derrick

Big D Energy

Universal DH

I know this Derrick Henry fantasy references baseball, but who cares?

Grand Ol’ Henry

Derrick’s Stiff Army


Derrick Henry, Rickrolling, rolling to your left, rolling over your enemies on your way to victory. This Derrick Henry team name has it all.

Derrick Henry, Portrait of a Killer

The Chronicles of Derrick

Ryan Tannehill Fantasy Names

Sometimes it seems like Ryan Tannehill’s plan to prove how good he is at occasionally getting hurt. This way, the team appreciates the chronically average Tannehill because they’ve seen how miserable life is without him.

Ultimately, no one has been better throwing the ball for Tennessee than RT, unless you count Derrick Henry. Here are some Ryan Tannehill fantasy team names to celebrate the Titan’s second best quarterback.

Running Up That Tannehill


I’ll Die On This Tannehill

Lauren’s Tannehills

I will not be explaining this Ryan Tannehill fantasy team name. IYKYK.


RT This

The Tann Man Has Heart

Yes We Tann

Big Stannehills

Titans Fantasy Names From Around the Internet

I'm like the Ryan Tannehill of coming up with Titans' fantasy team name ideas. By which, I mean I'm more than happy to just hand the ball off to more talented players.

Ready, Willing, and Vrabel

Vrabel-Bodied Men


The Tandalorian

Two-Two Train

Attack on Titans

Remember the Titans

I mean, how could we forget?

Tennessee Titans Fantasy Football Names From Readers

The Flaming Thumbtacks

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