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Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2022 Teams

Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2022 Teams

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Updated on March 12, 2022 by Brad Pinch
Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Football Team Names

Some Pittsburgh fans are bummed that the Roethlisberger era is over, but the Steelers are still loaded. Najee Harris is the real deal, Dionte Johnson and Chase Claypool are dynamic, and TJ Watt is no longer the second-best defender in his family.

Now the only question is at quarterback. But that’s not really important, right?

Here are our best Pittsburgh Steelers fantasy football team names to kick off this new chapter of the team’s history.

Steelers Fantasy Football Names for 2022

Mason Rudolph may be the most patient man in football. After all, he’s been Big Ben’s backup since before Antonio Brown moved to Crazy Town.

But is he a franchise QB?

It’s hard to say when the thing he’s most famous for is getting whacked with his own helmet. That's not exactly what you’d call a ringing endorsement.

Rudolph’s Turn to Lead the Sleigh

It’s Ben Real

For those nostalgic teams, our Roethlisberger fantasy names are below.

Masonary Position

Turn Down for Watt

Najeep Sport

We've got more Najee Harris fantasy team names later in this article.

Can’t Diontame the Beast

Diontaste of Things to Come

We're All Gonna Get Clayed

If you enjoyed this Steelers team name, you're probably a Caddyshack fan. We have an entire article dedicated to golf team names (including Caddyshack team names).

Neon Diontaes

Heyward Jablowme

Steel and Cucumber Rolls

Steel of the Draft

Tomlin-Manuel Miranda

Schuster Be Mine

This Steelers team name worked well when Schuster played for them. It t works even better now that he’s gone.

This Team is Freier

Chase-ing Paper

Spitting Hot Freier

Title Chase

Jars of Claypool


This Steelers fantasy name is simple, classy, and confident.

Franco Harris Pittsburgh Immaculate Reception statue at airport

Debate Me, Cowher

Watts Good

There are tons of other Steelers team name ideas for Watts/What’s puns:

  • Guess Watt, Chicken Butt
  • Watts Your Major Malfunction
  • Watts Up
  • Watts Wrong
  • I Know Watt you did Last Season
  • WattsApp
  • Watts In a Name
  • Watts Cookin?

Najee Harris Fantasy Team Names

Does Alabama attract great running backs, or do they create them? Maybe Nick Saban has a secret lab where he’s developed a magical running back juice?

Whatever it is, it’s working. Now Najee Harris is just another in a long line of fantasy studs to come from the big A.

Najeepers Creepers

Najeep Grand Cherokee

Najee Whiz

Sexual Harrisment

Menajee Trois

Very Stable Najeenius

Harrisburg, PA

It’s Najee’s town now.

Ben Roethlisberger Fantasy Team Names

It doesn't matter how successful, tough, or durable a player might be. Eventually, the time comes to hang up the cleats.

Ask not for whom the Big Ben tolls. Ben Roethlisberger, it tolls for thee.

But you can use Ben Roethlisberger fantasy team names forever.

Big Ben Tolls

It’s Ben Fun



It’s Ben a Long Time

Big Bending the Rules

Berger King

All Ben Out of Shape

On a Big Bender

Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Names from Around the Web

With so much incredible history in the Steel City, I’m certainly not the only one brainstorming Pittsburgh Steelers fantasy football names. But I’ve written enough to know a good name when I see it.

Rooney Toons

Boswell that Ends Well

The Wizard of Boz

Heinz Ward of the State

Psycho Ward


Straight Outa Tomlin

Diontae’s Inferno

Mr. Steeler Yo Girl

Stairway to 7

Fantasy Football Names for Other NFL Teams

Here's our full list of fantasy football names for various NFL teams.

More Steelers Fantasy Football Name Ideas?

If you have a funny Steelers fantasy team name idea, put it in the comments below. I'll add the best names to this list.

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