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Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

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Updated on March 12, 2022 by David Sharp
Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Team Names

Christian McCaffrey is one of the biggest IFs in football. As in, he’s maybe the best fantasy player in the NFL – IF he’s healthy.

Sure, drafting him is a gamble. But in fantasy football, what isn’t? You might as well gamble on a guy with the upside of 100 catches and 1000 yards rushing.

Here are some cool Christian McCaffrey fantasy names to give you a healthy start to the season.

Funny Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Names

Christian McCaffrey and his dad Ed are close to becoming the most prolific father-son receiving duo in NFL history. Hall-of-Famer Kellen Winslow and Hall-of-Shamer Kellen Winslow Jr hold the current record.

That said, if Thadeus Moss makes just one NFL catch, he and his dad Randy are in the conversation too. Still, my money is on the McCaffreys eventually owning this record.

The McCaffrey Mouse Club

McCaffrey Mouse Clubhouse

Sunday Christian

Initially, this was slang for folks that only act Christian one day a week. As a Christian McCaffrey fantasy name, it's a player that can make you believe in a higher power.

Return of the Mac

Mac the Knife

Mac Believe

Mac and Me

Mac Trucks

Footloose and Fancy McCaffrey

McCaffree Willy

This Christian McCaffrey fantasy football team name is a great Photoshop opportunity. Instead of the killer whale, just put McCaffrey diving over the goal line.

McCaffree Solo

McCaffree Your Mind

McCaffree and Easy

McCaffree Running

Ffrey Bird

Ffrey Guy

This Christian McCaffrey team name is another perfect Photoshop opportunity. Put C-Mac's head on Ryan Reynold's body - it practically photoshops itself.

4Chan McCaffrey

Christian Fanatics

Christian Loophole

IYKYK, and if you don't know, I'm not explaining it. You've got the internet.

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McCaffrey Fantasy Football Names for 2023

Panthers fans will hate this, but Baker Mayfield might be the best quarterback that McCaffrey has ever had. Don't get me wrong, Cam Newton has had a better career, but C-Mac never got prime Newton.

Could there be even more in Christian's tank? Now that would be a miracle worthy of a Christian McCaffrey fantasy football name.

Born Again Christian



War on Christian

Onward, Christian Soldiers

Christian Nation

Here are even more Christian-based Christian McCaffrey fantasy team names:

  • Christian Charity
  • Christian Fundamentalists
  • Christian Scientists
  • Christian Reconstructionists
  • Christian Academy
  • Christian Rock

Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Football Name Generator

Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

McCaffrey of Sunshine

The Mick

This Christian McCaffrey team name idea is for fans of the hilarious Kaitlin Olson show. Well, that or old-school Mickey Rooney fans, either way.




Ffrey Ride

Ffrey Range

Mac and Cheese

Mac Tools

This Christian McCaffrey fantasy team name idea is based on the tool company. It works because there isn't another NFL player with McCaffrey's toolset.

Mac of All Trades

Christchance Encounter

Fighting Christchance

Mr. McCaFreeze

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Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Names from Around the Web

Like snagging a swing pass and taking off with it, I snagged these Christian McCaffrey fantasy football names and ran.

C-Mac Daddy

McCaffeine High


The Golden McCaffrey

Big Mac Attack

Christian Crusaders

Born Again Christians

This Christian McCaffrey football team name works because of how much time he's missed over the last few years.

McCaffree Spirits

The Count of Monte Christian

McC-king Missiles

Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Christian Zealots

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