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Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2022 Teams

Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2022 Teams

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Updated on March 12, 2022 by Brad Pinch
Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Team Names

After nine Pro Bowls, two Super Bowl appearances, and one championship, the Russell Wilson era has ended. He’s leaving as the franchise’s all-time leader in every meaningful passing record, and he’s even fifth in rushing yards.

But life moves on, and we’ve got a fresh set of Seattle Seahawks fantasy football team names to help. Think of this list as the red wine, Ben and Jerry’s, and chick flicks for your fantasy sports soul.

Seahawks Fantasy Football Names for 2022

The Drew Lock era has begun, which sounds much more meaningful than it is. More likely than not, Seattle's next QB will be a guy named first-round draft choice.

Lock it Up

For this Seahawks team name, you could also go with Lock it Down if that speaks more to you.

Lock it Up, Lockett Down

Drew Lock and Tyler Lockett have some of the most similar last names for any GB/WR pairings in history. Good luck finding those records on Football Reference, though.

Locks of Luck

Locketts of Luck

Quite a Quandre

Lockett Locks

Fant Misbehavin’

NFL: Noah Fant’s League

Hot Locketts

Say this funny Seahawks fantasy name in Jim Gaffigan’s voice for extra effect.

Fant Farm


Penny for Your Thoughts

Go with Penny for Your Thots, if that’s more your style.

We’re in a Quandre

Quan You Diggs It?

Wagner the Dog

Losing Russ hurts, but at least he wasn't traded. Bobby Wagner is one of the best players in franchise history, and he just got straight-up released.


Secret AdMirers

I Want My Hasselbeck

Here's a prediction. A few starts from Drew Lock will make Seahawks fans nostalgic for Matty Hassels.

D.K. Metcalf Fantasy Team Names

Next year, D.K. Metcalf will be a high-round pick in your standard fantasy football leagues. But he might be the top overall pick in your fantasy hair leagues.

Metcalf Gala

If D.K. went to the Met Gala, you know he’d wear something wild. At the very least, he’d look better than Ciara’s eyeball-burning dress from 2021.

I Just Haven’t Metcalf You Yet

D.K. Country

Freaky D.K. Baby

DK Theory

This Seattle Seahawks fantasy team name is a brain thing. This name idea is for psychologists, neurologists, and people who like to pretend they’re smart.

Russell Wilson Fantasy Football Team Names

Maybe you’ll always love Russel Wilson for what he gave the Seahawks. Or maybe, you’re pissed that he mentally checked out his last year and left the team mired in mediocrity.

Most likely, you’re both. And that’s ok.

Wilson of a Bitch

Wilson Come Back!

This Seahawks fantasy name is a Castaway reference and something many a fan has screamed into the foggy Seattle night air.

I Blame Ciara

I feel like Ciara was the Yoko Ono of the Wilson-Seahawks relationship.

The Story of Russ

It's a movie (and a Taylor Swift song). Both are about couples that are breaking up.

So this Seattle Seahawks fantasy team name works on numerous levels.

Brussell Wilson

Alternatively, you might prefer Russel Sprouts.

Offensive Seattle Seahawks Team Names

These filthy Seahawks fantasy names are for all you dirty birds out there.

Space Needledicks

Hardcore Zorn

Zorny Devils

You can’t a Ford this Poona

Suck My Hawk

You may notice that Hawk sounds similar to another word that starts with C and ends with and ock. Here are some more options in that vein:

  • Hawk and Ball Torture
  • Hawk Rockers
  • Rock Out With Your Hawk Out
  • Hawky Bastards

Also, sorry for saying vein.

Seahawks Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

I didn't write these Seattle Seahawks fantasy team names, I just selected the best ones. You know, like the Seahawks are going to do with Drew Lock's inevitable replacement.

How I Metcalf Your Mother

Or How I Metcalf Your Father if you’re a real Duffhead.

Pop, Drop, and Lockett

Every day I’m Russellin!


Dude, Where’s My Carson?

Beauty and the Beastmode

Russell and Flow

For this Seattle Seahawks fantasy name, I'd have gone with Russell and Go. But that’s probably one pun too many.

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