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Buffalo Bills Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2024 Teams

Buffalo Bills Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2024 Teams

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Updated on March 12, 2022 by Brad Perniciaro
Buffalo Bills Fantasy Football Names

Everyone teases the Bills about making it to the Super Bowl four years in a row. But why?

Sure, they never won, but it’s a fantastic accomplishment. And guess what, no one’s laughing anymore.

The team is stacked, and they’re ready to shut down the haters. To celebrate a new era of success in northern N.Y., I present our best Buffalo Bills fantasy football team names for 2024.

Bills Fantasy Football Names for 2024

The Bills are only the third most famous team in their state, which is criminal.

The Giants had some sustained success like a decade ago. And the next time the Jets are good, it might be their first.

It’s time to give the Bills their due as the best team in the Empire State.

Buffalo Herd

Empire State Billding

True Billievers

Lett’s Do It, Beebe

I also like Don Beebe's Hustle as a Bills fantasy team name.

One (Amazing) Bills Drive

Feel free to swap out amazing with the colorful adjective of your choice.

Living Singletary

Singletaried Out

Trey White Goalie Academy

Singletary and Ready to Mingletary

Return of Sean Mack

The Bills Mafia Hitmen

Other organized crime-themed Buffalo fantasy names include:

  • Bills Mafia Dons
  • Bills Mafia Enforcers
  • Bills Mafia Capos
  • Bills Mafia Bosses

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Billsing a Mystery

The Cody Ford Broncos

Bills, Bills, Bills

Bills to Play

Bills Paid

I’m not saying that this is a Von Miller fantasy team name. But I’m not saying it isn’t, either.

Hey, maybe it's a Stephon Diggs fantasy team name.

Von the Attack

Von Miller Time

Kelly Bill Book

You Thurman Now, Dawg

Dolla Bills, Y’all

Buffalo Bills Fantasy Football Name Generator

Buffalo Bills Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Funny Bills Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Free OJ

Bufurlough Bills

Jake Kumerow From State Farm

All the Devin SingleLadies

Micah Hyde-Yo-Wife

For this bills fantasy name, you could also go with:

  • Micah Hyde-Yo-Kids
  • Micah Hyde-Yo-QBs

Josh Allen Fantasy Team Names

Josh Allen has been putting up more and more fantasy points with every passing year. Oof – in an article full of bad puns, even I’m embarrassed by that one.

But seriously – the dude is good.

Allen Fourth-Quartermain

Pushing All En

Josh Allen's Sexy Kneecaps

Allenter Sandman


Outsiders will think this is a Billy Joel reference. Real Buffalo residents know this is about the super-chill Allentown neighborhood.

Allen Fieldhouse

Just Joshin’

Allen’s Organ

Josh Toss M’Gosh

NSFW Bills Fantasy Names for 2024

Josh & his Monster Wang

They say Josh Allen looks good in shorts. We've got more Josh Allen fantasy names below.

Digg Dick Energy

You could go with this dirty Bills team name's cousin: Big Digg Energy.

Daryl's Johnson

Stefon Diggs Fantasy Names

When Stefon Diggs signed his big contract extension, he talked about the Bills' great culture and family atmosphere. What he didn’t mention was how great it is to have Josh Allen throwing you the football (as opposed to, say, Kirk Cousins).



Nice Diggs

Stef Drinks

Fix Me a Stef One

Can You Diggs It?

Urkel Diggs and the Allens

Digg Man On Campus

Good Steffort

You Can’t Stefford It

Bills Fantasy Names from Around the Web

It’s official: the Bills are cool again. The team is winning, they’ve got excellent fantasy prospects, and people are creating flattering Bills fantasy football names.

Allen the Family

Kill Bills

The Big Diggs

Troop Buffalo Bills

Stefon the Gas

Girls Just Want to Stefon

Flutie Flakes

Don’t Stop Billievin’

No Diggsity, No Doubt

Allen the Hips

Buffalo Bills Fantasy Football Names From Readers

The Bill Collectors

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