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Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

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Updated on December 19, 2021 by Brad Perniciaro
Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Team Names

The Cowboys are one of the most iconic franchises in football.

The silver and blue colors. The star. The seemingly immortal Jerry Jones. That ridiculous jumbotron in AT&T stadium.

Saddle up, cowboys and cowgirls. Here are our best Dallas Cowboys fantasy football team names to celebrate the good, bad, and weird of Dem Boys.

Cowboys Fantasy Football Names in 2023

Sometimes I wonder why the Cowboys get to be America’s Team. Then again, they spend a ton of money, get mediocre results, and are controlled by a billionaire.

It turns out it’s pretty fitting, after all!

Star Performers

Star Turn

You can modify this Cowboys fantasy name with the name of a breakout candidate, like Tony Pollard’s Star Turn.

This is Star Year

Emmitt Smith’s Jug Band Christmas

Emmit doesn't play anymore, but he'd make a damn good general manager. For this Dallas Cowboys fantasy name, photoshop practically edits itself.

Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Team Names - Emmitt Smith

Salvador Dallás

Being a Cowboys fan can be surreal at times.


Zeurlions and Lambs

Jerry’s Kids

Spill the AT&Tea


It seems like every year, the Cowboys start as Super Bowl hopefuls. Then... never mind, forget I said anything.

I don't want to anger the fanbase voted most likely to carry a sidearm.

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Staubach’s Coffee

Ted and Tony’s Mexican Cruz Lines

What do Ted Cruz and Tony Romo have in common? They both abandoned Texas when needed them most.

Emmitting an Odor

If you’d rather go scientific, you can use Emmitting a Positron. But something tells me most folks will go with the stinky one.

Oxnardians of the Galaxy

Here's another photoshop opportunity: Cowboys faces on Guardians' bodies. It's simple comedy math, people.



Karthy Comics


Karthy Bates

You can use any famous Kathy here. But their names aren’t also masturbation puns.

Just in case that’s not your speed, you can try these Cowboys fantasy team names:

  • Karthy Griffin
  • Karthy Ireland
  • Karthy Najimy

Who Shot J.J.?

This Cowboys fantasy team name is a Dallas joke – the show, I mean, not just the city.

Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Name Generator

Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

CeeDee Lamb Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Is CeeDee Lamb the best fantasy player on the Cowboys? Possibly.

Does he have the best name for fantasy team name purposes? Absolutely.

Lamb of God Damn

I guess you could go with Lamb of God if the D-word is too spicy for you. It just isn't as fun to say, though.

CDL Drivers

CeeDee Dive Bar

CeeDee Drive

Kids, have your parents explain what CDs were.

Lamb Shanked

Dallas Cowboys Running Backs Fantasy Team Names

Sure, Ezekiel Elliott is a damn good running back. But he’s absolutely a world-class beard-grower.

Seriously, that thing is as biblical as his name.

EE Runnings

Maybe you have a poet’s soul and a general manager’s mind. If so, this Cowboys fantasy team name is for you.

Ezekiel’s Bread

Freaky Zekey

The Tilted Kielt

If they don't have a Tilted Kilt in your area, they're basically just Irish-themed Hooters.

Zeke-Zag Papers


I also like Eazy-Ekial as a Cowboys fantasy name. It’s more fun to say, but maybe more challenging for your low I.Q. league-mates to get.

The Kiellers

Other Killer puns include:

  • Kieller Instinct
  • Kielling It
  • The Kieller Inside Me
  • The Kieller Next Door

Reverse Pollardity

Tony Pollard would absolutely be the number one back on most football teams. Heck, some people would argue he should be the number one back on this football team.

Stripper Pollard

Dak Prescott Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Dak’s got the big contract. He’s put up some big numbers.

Now he just needs to win the Big Game.

Dak Dynasty

Self Daktualization


Dakumentary Now!

Dakcidentally In Love

Dak Chronic

Dak Dallas Up

Show me what you’re workin’ with.

Obscene Cowboys Fantasy Team Names

In this section, we'll be putting the all ass in Dallas Cowboys fantasy team names.


Screwed in the Dallass

America’s Ream

I can’t say I’m proud of this one. But I’m not ashamed enough to leave it off.

Kicked in the Oxnards


Silver and Blueballs

Cowboys Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

These Dallas Cowboys fantasy team name ideas were pilfered from other sites (in much in the same way that real-life Cowboys pilfered the old west from its native inhabitants).

Before you get all bent out of shape about that hot take, remember that it happened hundreds of years ago.

Jerry Jones’ Entourage

I’m jealous that someone else thought of this one, which is weird. Why would I care that someone beat me to an Entourage joke?

And yet here we are.

Hide and Zeke

Zeke and Destroy

Zeke of Nature

Dak to the Future

Once You go Dak, You Never Go Back

Dak in a Box

Silence of the Lamb

Now You CeeDee, Now You Don’t

Gorgio Amari

Witteness Protection

The Cowboy Way

Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Names From Readers

CeeDee's Tds

Submitted by Lacey G.
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Suck my Dak

Submitted by Bill
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Unsolicited Dak Pics

Submitted by Michael
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Mr Mata

Submitted by Albert
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Max 3 votes.

Team Name Ideas for Other NFL Teams

If you're looking for fantasy football names for other NFL teams, here's our full list.

AFC East

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