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Washington Commanders Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

Washington Commanders Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

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Updated on March 28, 2023 by David Sharp
Washington Commanders Fantasy Football Names

I’m still getting used to calling the Washington football team The Commanders. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss their old name at all, but what does the new name even mean?

Commanders of what? My theory is that Snyder calls himself The Commander, and he just named the team after his self-appointed nickname.

Regardless, we need some new Washington Commanders fantasy football names to help it feel more natural.

Washington Commanders Fantasy Team Names for 2023

When team officials try to explain the name, they generally say it vaguely has something to do with the military. They can’t be bothered to pin down like a branch, or a unit, or a guy, just… the general military.

That’s like if, instead of the Bears or Jaguars or what have you, a team just called themselves The Mammals. Sure, these Washington Commanders fantasy names may be silly, but at least they commit to the silliness.

Chain of Commanders

Going Commando

Terry Good

Terry Potter and the Commander’s Chip

There’s no limit to the different Harry Potter and the ________ derivations you can use. Here are a few other names to consider.

  • Terry Potter and the 40-Yard Catch
  • Terry Potter and the One-Handed Grab
  • Terry Potter: Fantastic Catches and How to Make Them
  • Terry Potter and the Fantastic Beastmode

Commander Performance

The Brave Little Taylor Heinicke

Taylored Suit

Taylor Park Trash

Taylor Moon

For your team logo, use Taylor Heineke’s face on Sailor Moon’s body. You’re welcome?


AG’s Office

Ain’t Nothin But AG Thang

BR, It’s Cold

I don’t know that I’ve ever been impressed with a single season like I was with Brian Robinson Jr’s 2022. The numbers are just mid overall, but they’re freaking incredible, considering before the season, he was shot in the leg.

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Curtis Samuel L. Jackson

Jahan Solo

Came and Wentz

Well, that was quick. My advice to Carson Wentz these days is that he should be looking to rent, not buy.

The Snyder Cut

Danny’s Boys

Strategic Commanders

Satellite Commanders

Washington Commanders Fantasy Football Name Generator

Washington Commanders Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Terry McLaurin Fantasy Football Names

Terry McLaurin has been a rock-solid WR2 every year he’s been in the league. Now imagine how productive he could be if he ever had a half-decent quarterback!

He doesn’t, but still. Imagine how great that would be.

Thank You Terry Much

Trademark Terry (TM)

Terry Ball Theorem

I can’t believe there is a serious mathematical theorem called the hairy ball theory. Yet here we are.

Terry Bad Things

The Terry Eyeball

ReTern of the Mc

Lightning McLaurin

Funny Washington Commanders Fantasy Name Ideas

I don’t mean to keep harping on the Commanders' name, but doesn’t it feel like a movie football team name? It reminds me of the Miami Sharks or the Los Angeles Stallions, except it’s a real-life team.

Gibson, Neat

What’s Skin a Name

Wentzday Addams

Wednesday has never been more relevant. Wentz has never been less relevant. C'est la vie.

Rivera of Dreams

Jurgensen’s Lotion



Commander Little Dog, Too

Master and Commanders

Fire Dan Snyder

No, it’s not a thing that you can do. But at least it’s fun to think about.

DC Skinsurrectionists

The Washington Football Team Formerly Known as the Washington Football Team

Double-check your league's character limits before committing your heart to this Washington Football Team fantasy team name.

Monumental Washington

Your Wish, My Commanders

Washington Commanders Fantasy Team Names From Around the Internet

We’ve come to the end of the article. If you’ve made it this far, I assume you can handle one last Washington Commanders team name origin theory.

Dan Snyder doesn’t refer to himself as The Commander; he refers to a specific part of himself as The Commander. Frankly, I think that theory makes a little too much sense.

McLaurin F1

Terring Ass

Cops and Robinsons

Brian Robinson got shot in the leg by someone else, then started his career. He's basically the anti-Plaxico, who shot himself in the leg and ended his career.

Can’t ROBinson Me

Here’s to You, Mr. Robinson

Gibsons of Anarchy

Cobra Commanders

Wentz Upon a Time

The Commandalorian

DC's Nutz

Washington Commanders Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Wentz Upon a Time

Submitted by: Shelly

The Sixth Wentz

Submitted by: Bruce

TaylorMade (As in Sean)

Submitted by: Tyleer

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