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Green Bay Packers Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

Green Bay Packers Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

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Updated on April 15, 2023 by David Sharp
Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Names

The Green Bay Packers shouldn't exist.

They play in the smallest city in the coldest stadium in the NFL. They have no mascot, aluminum bench seating, and, most shocking of all: they're literally a non-profit organization.

How do they survive?

They have an incredible history, a rabid fanbase, and the best touchdown celebration tradition in the NFL. Here are some Green Bay Packers fantasy football names to pay tribute to the true people's champs.

Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Names for 2023

Moving on from a franchise icon like Aaron Rodgers is always tough. On the other hand, it’s also refreshing not to have to deal with his BS anymore.

It’s like breaking up with your college girlfriend. Sure, they were hot. But it feels great to escape the drama (plus now you're free to find true love)

Lambeau Leap of Faith

Love Conquers All

Tough Love

You better believe this is neither the last Jordan Love fantasy name nor the last love pun on this list.

Aaron Away! Aaron Away!

Aaron to the Hills

This idea can be either combination of Aaron Jones/Iron Maiden team names or a combination of Aaron Rodgers/running away team names.


Aaron Jones wears #33, 3s look like backward Es, and Packers fans wear cheese on their heads. It all adds up!

A-J Paired

This Packers fantasy name idea refers to the popular poker hand and the fact that the Packers have two stud RBs named AJ.

Smokin’ AJ

Dillon, You Son of A…


Aaron to the Championship

It is pretty convenient that Aaron Jones is a run-ning back. Here are a few more Aaron Jones team names you could Aaron with.

  • Let's Aaron With That
  • Aaron for It!
  • Fun Aaron
  • Aaron Away Train
  • Aaroning Away With It
  • Aaroning Up the Score

Watson a Name

Junior Savages

Keisean My Ass

The Jaire Up There

Fleur Power

I like Fleur Peur even more, but that depends on your league’s capacity for abject silliness.

Jordie LaFleur

The WelFavre Office

Starr Player

Lombardeez Nutz

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Jordan Love Fantasy Team Name Ideas

Kudos if you’ve been sitting on the perfect Jordan Love fantasy team name idea since draft day 2020. For everyone else, the time to grab your Jordan Love team names is now.

Love of My Life

Love the One You’re With

Love and War

For the Love of the Game

All You Need is Love

Well, that and some wide receivers.


Love is Love

The Love Muscle

The Jordan Rules

Air Raid Jordan

Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Name Generator

Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Funny Packers Fantasy Names for Former Players

If you came here expecting nice Aaron Rodgers team names, you’ll have to wait a few seasons. After every breakup, you need a period of separation before you can start to look back on it fondly.

However, you can start looking back on it with malice and sarcasm starting on day one. Here are some Green Bay Packers fantasy name ideas to honor those that came before by mocking them.

To Aaron is Human

The Aaron of Our Ways

Team Name

Aaron Had to Jet

AR You Kidding Me

Favre You Kidding Me?

Brett Favre went to the Jets at the end of his career, and you still see #4 jerseys around Lambeau. Come to think of it, though; the less said about Favre’s time in New York, the better.

Do Me a Favre


Brettconned is a reference to the fact that some folks are having to retcon their love of Brett Favre in light of recent news. It also references the fact that some consider Brett Favre a con man now.

WelFavre Queens

BF Forever

I would also accept BF 4ever, though BF 4eva might be one step too cutesie.

Ahman for All Seasons

Starr vs. the Forces of Evil

G.B. Packers Fantasy Names From Around the Internet

Fun fact: the Packers are one of only four NFL teams without an official mascot. And no, cheese does not count as a mascot.

Here's one last set of Green Bay Packers fantasy names for all you true blue Cheeseheads out there. Or should that be true bleu cheeseheads?

Green Bowl Packers

Lambeau Calrisian

The Cheese Stands Alone


Or, obviously, Mrs. Pack-Man.

Armed Rodgery

Game of Jones

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Jonesing for a Win

Jonesing for a Touchdown is also a totally viable option.

One LaFleur Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Clay Mathews Band

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Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Names From Readers

The End Jones

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