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Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2023 Teams

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Updated on June 11, 2023 by David Sharp
Las Vegas Chargers Fantasy Football Names

The Chargers are working hard to win LA’s affection, but it isn’t easy.

They have a new stadium, but another team already won a championship in it. They have a young, top-flight QB and a stud RB, but opponents’ jerseys still outnumber them at home.

Winning over Los Angeles will just take time, touchdowns, and a title or two. Oh, and a few hilarious Los Angeles Chargers fantasy football names wouldn’t hurt.

L.A. Chargers Fantasy Football Names for 2023

I have a theory about why the Chargers never won a title in San Diego: it’s too nice. It’s too easy to get lulled into pleasant complacency by the super chill vibes.

Maybe that’s also why they will succeed in LA: it’s technically still SoCal, but it’s nowhere near as chill. Here are some fresh Los Angeles Chargers fantasy names to help build up a newer, edgier reputation.

Charged Up

Charging Station

Charger Cards

Bert and Ecky

You’ve got Justin Herbert, Austin Eckler, and Sesame Street in one Los Angeles Chargers fantasy team name. What more could you want?

Keenan Eyed

Mike Drop

But seriously, don’t drop Mike Williams.

SoFine and Dandy

SoFi Password


You can also use SoFisticated Lady, which also happens to be a very sophisticated Chargers team name for ladies.

Charj Barker


You workout supplements freaks know what I’m talking about.

Charger Account


This LA Chargers name is amongst the silliest I’ve ever written, but you can’t tell me it isn’t fun. Also feel free to spell BadabaDATdaDA however you hear it in your head.

Charge You Experienced?


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Justin Herbert Fantasy Football Names

Terry Bradshaw was Justin Herbert before Justin Herbert. A young, cocky QB with a great receiving RB accomplice and a dynamite head of long blonde hair.

The big difference so far is that Bradshaw has the rings, and Herbert doesn’t. But Herbert still has time to change that, and maybe even join his fellow blonde bomber in Canton.

Trustin Herbert

No Justin, No Peace

Justin City Boy

Born and raised in South… Eugene. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?


Bounty Justins


The Chargers and In-N-Out. Two great SoCal flavors that taste great together.

Justin the Wind

Smokin' Herb

Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Football Name Generator

Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Austin Eckler Fantasy Football Names

Last season I was winning a week by like 30 points, and my opponent only had one player left. I was feeling pretty good until I looked at who my opponent's last player was.

Here are some Austin Eckler team names to help honor the agony I felt while watching my lead bleed away. Don’t worry though, I’m pretty much totally over it.

Austin City Limits

The EcksFL

Ecks Factor

Eckstreme Violence

If you need some more Eckstream fantasy team names, then we've got options for you.

  • Going to Eckstreams
  • Eckstream Heat Warning
  • Eckstream Close-Up
  • Eckstream Make-Over

Ecking Ball

The Ecking Crew


Ecks Marks the Spot

Funny Chargers Fantasy Names from Team History

Say what you will about the Chargers, their true fans love their players, and they love them hard. Dan Fouts, Junior Seau, LaDanian Tomlinson – these names are sainted in Chargers households.

Here are some LA Chargers names for your fantasy team – essentially the ofrenda of the NFL.

Strapping Young LaDanian



Is Dotal Tomlination too silly? That’s something only you can decide.

Seau Anything

While this name is obviously a perfect Photoshop opportunity, it’s not the only Seau/say name out there.

  • Seau it Isn’t So
  • Seau My Name
  • Seau What You Want
  • Seau Cheese!
  • Seau Hello to My Little Friend

Fouts of the Blue

Fouts of the Ordinary

Foutside the Box

The Great Foutsdoors


The San Diego Chargers

I can’t explain why I think this LA Chargers fantasy name is funny, but for some reason, I just do. You could also go with San Diego Superchargers if you want to really lean into the nostalgia.

Chargers Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

Between Justin Herbert, Philip Rivers, and Drew Brees, the Chargers have had three QBs in the last two-plus decades. The only job I know of with better security is head coach of the Patriots.

So Chargers fans, you should probably get comfortable with Justin Herbert under center. Here are some last few Los Angeles Chargers fantasy team names for Herbert and pals to help you settle in.

Herb Stomped

Herbert Fully Loaded

Or Herbert the Love Bug if that's more your speed.

What the Eck

Eck's Gon Give It to Ya

Bosa Deez Nutz

LA LA Land

Bolts Up

High Boltage

Bolts and Hoes

Bolts and Hoes. Bolts and Hoes. Gotta Get Me Some Bolts and Hoes.


Ride the Lightning

Go Shawty, It's Herbert Day

Fantasy Names for Other NFL Teams

Here's our list of fantasy names for all NFL Teams. Check back, as these are updated throughout the year.

AFC East

AFC North

AFC South

AFC West

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