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New York Giants Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2024 Teams

New York Giants Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2024 Teams

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Updated on April 24, 2023 by David Sharp
New York Giants Fantasy Football Names

Not that long ago, the Giants were bad. Like, really terrible.

Like, double-digit-losses-every-year kind of terrible. Daniel Jones was a bust, Saquon Barkley was washed, and the defense was the worst in the league.

Then, something crazy happened. Jones put some things together, Barkley looked rejuvenated, and the defense improved to just mediocre.

Here are some New York Giants fantasy football names to help you enjoy the come-up.

New York Giants Fantasy Football Names for 2024

It's funny when you look at all the New York Giants hype videos for 22-23, as they all share a consistent theme. They're all titled something like To the Haters or Doubt Me.

It's almost like everyone thought they would be bad or something. Here are some brand-new New York Giants team names dedicated to all the haters and doubters.

Giant Expectations

The Giant Apple

How I MetLife Your Mother

MetLife in Prison

To be fair, this NY Giants fantasy team name plays better when they stink. And honestly, it's tough to tell exactly when the Giants are going to be good and when they aren't.

Would You Ruther?

Saq and Destroy

For F’s Saq


For this Giants fantasy name, you get bonus points if you have a second player with whom you can make an Alice pun.

Noah’s Bark

We Slay Tons

Slay All Day

Chip and Wan’Dale

Man, I hope he breaks out. I'm sitting on way more Wan'Dale Robinson team name ideas than are currently justified.

Wan’Dale Robinson’s Neighborhood

Don’t Say Gano

No Pain-O, No Gano

The Shepard is My Lord

Pound Sterling

Mara the Same

The Mara family has run the franchise since its founding nearly a century ago, and they're beloved by Giants fans. And why not when the team is in the top three in all-time wins and total championships?

Mara Lago

Mara You Kiddin Me?


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Daniel Jones Fantasy Football Team Names

Well, well, well, look who’s actually pretty good after all. I guess the Giants should turn down all their player’s 5th-year options.

Here are some Daniel Jones fantasy team names to celebrate everybody’s favorite former punching bag.

Daniel Jones’ Neighborhood

DJ Hero

DJ Jazzy Jones

There are many DJ names that would make sense for Daniel Jones. Pick your favorite.

  • DJ Quick
  • DJ Snake
  • DJ Shadow
  • DJ Ghost

The Jones Zone

Last Night a DJ Saved My Season

I Got a Football Jones

Daniel Jones and the Lion’s Den

Here's a crazy idea. What if you called yourself Daniel and the ______ Den, then changed your name each week to match your opponent?

The Daniel Fast

The Daniel Jonestown Massacre

Jones Beach

New York Giants Fantasy Football Name Generator

New York Giants Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Funny Giants Fantasy Names for Defensive Players

Yes, the defense has mostly been bad the last few years. But that means they need the encouragement of some good Giants fantasy team names even more.

Sexy Dexy's Midnight Runners

On the DL

Dexter’s Serial Killers

Dexter Lawrence is a serial killer... of offensive drives.

The Moreau You Know

Moreau the Same

I Adoree’ You

New York Giants Fantasy Names from History

The New York Giants have a long, storied history - and 52.8% of it is good! Here are some classic NY Giants team names to show just how deep your knowledge goes.

Tyree’s Helmet

Lawrence Taylor Made

Runnin’ On LT

LT’s Lil Beauties

This New York Giants team name is not for the office league. On the other hand, if you like this kind of stuff, we have a whole article of vulgar fantasy football team names.


Invader Simms

Manning the Battlements

The Playbook of Eli

Plaxidental Shooting

Never has the old saying shooting yourself in the foot been quite so literal.

Harry and the HenderCarsons

Stray Hanimals

NY Giants Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

New York is one of the biggest cities on the planet, and the Giants are one of the most popular teams in the NFL. It'd be crazy to think that I'm the only one coming with New York Giants fantasy names.

A Certain Je Ne Saquon

Barkley at the Moon

My Barkley is Louder than Your Bite

Watch What You Saquon

King Quon

Saquon Deez Nutz

Saquonda Forever

It’s a Saquonderful Life

Attack of the Jones

MetLife Crisis

Throw Dabol

Turn Your Head and Coughlin

Love Conquers All

Tough Love

New York Giants Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Sterling Silver

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