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Golf Team Names - Funny, Dirty, & Creative Ideas for 2023

Golf Team Names - Funny, Dirty, & Creative Ideas for 2023

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Updated on April 24, 2022 by Brad Perniciaro
Golf Team Names

Traditionally an individual sport, golf is slowly evolving into a team-based sport. In today's game, teams are structured in a multitude of ways that promote camaraderie and increase viewership.

Our mission here is to stay one step ahead of these sporting revolutions. So today, we're revealing our most hilarious golf team names for tournaments, scrambles, charity events, and more.

Golf Team Names for 2023

Poor play and funny golf team names go together like peanut butter and jelly. Everyone knows it.

So use the knowledge to simultaneously earn a chuckle and lower the expectations of your competitors and spectators.

If you can't beat them, make them laugh.

Green Acres

Pale, Round, and Dimpled

Is it odd that most golfers ultimately morph into a shape that resembles a golf ball? This golf team name comes with its own logo.

Golf Team Name - Pale, Round, & Dimpled


Ball Whackers

Check out our complete list of dirty golf team names below.

Who's Your Caddy?

Sendin' it Home

If you love this golf team name, you'll love the rest of our Happy Gilmore golf names.

Angry Birdies

Fearsome foursome

Keep reading for more team names for golf scrambles.

Every Hole Counts

Beach Bums

Beach Bums is also one of my favorite volleyball team names. And in that context, it's not quite as self-deprecating.

Golf Team Name - Beach Bums

Caddyshack Golf Team Names

The best golf movie of all time has endless references to be pillaged for team names.

Golden Gophers

Bushwood Boys

I also like this golf team name for a wrestling tag team name, if you moonlight on the local circuit.

Ditch Diggers

The Bishop

Rat Farts

Wet Baby Ruths

Clever Golf Team Name Ideas

You may have no chance of winning the tournament. But with a little bit of time and imagination, anyone can brainstorm the most clever golf team name.

And that's just as impressive in my book.

Weapons of Grass Destruction

Flag Marks the Spot

Eagle Hunters

Eagle hunting is illegal, so this golf team name idea is only theoretical.

Bunker Busters

Reckless Drivers

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Dirty & Inappropriate Golf Team Names

What is the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa Clause?

Santa Clause stopped at 3 Ho's.

Lost our Balls

Cart Lizzards

Money Shots

You pranksters out there could leverage this one for your hockey team names.

Fore Play

Smooth Strokes

Morning Wood

Ball Washers

Keep them clean boys, keep them clean.

Putt Pirates

Golf Name Generator

Golf Names From Writers & The Community

Golf Team Names for Creative Types

Golf has benefitted from numerous technological improvements over the years. For instance, Did you know that the first golf balls were actually made of feathers wrapped in leather?

And they actually flew much farther than subsequent ball designs!

Ethical Hackers

With power comes great responsibility.

I Gotta TEE

I Like Big Putts and I cannot lie


This golf name might also work for players seeking softball team names.

Golf Team Names for Charity Events

Golf generates roughly 3.9 billion dollars each year for charity! With that much money at stake, there's little chance they'll say "no" to your questionable team name.

Driving for the Green

Money Pits

Bogeys with a Cause

When it's a good cause, everyone is allowed to play poorly.

Slice of the Pie

Puttin for the Dough

Good Golf Team Names for 2023

A good golf team name makes you chuckle, integrates a funny golfing pun, and references relevant current events.

Tiger's Not Driving

In 2021, Tiger's driving off the course finally matched his poor driving on the course.

The Rider Routers

Mickelson of a Gun

That PGA Championship victory cemented Mickelson's place among golf's elite.

Greener Days Ahead

Funny Golf Team Names for Tournaments

Golf Names - Masters

The Masters golf tournament features interesting protocols and traditions. Some of the rules date back as far as 1937.

For instance, only Augusta National Golf Club members can wear the green jacket. And even then, you can only wear your jacket on the club grounds. You cannot take it home.

The only exception is for the sole, yearly Masters winner. He is allowed to take the jacket home for one year. Then it must be returned to the Club.

Tea Party


It's all about the Parr, but we know sometimes it's a Parr-Tee too!!!

Fore and a half men

Puff Caddie

Who knew that Puff Daddy plays golf???

Driving Miss _________ (insert team captains name here)

Sometimes a team captain can be quite the diva!!!

Team Name Ideas for Miniature Golf

"Long Form" golf gets all the glory. But what about those players who have to deal with rotating windmills right in the middle of the green?

Those are the true heroes of golf. And while they may not be rich and famous, Pro mini golfers do have their own leagues and tournaments.

Putt Masters

The Obstacle is the way

Mini Mulligan

Just Putz

Hazzard Play

Happy Gillmore-Inspired Golf Names

The Bob Barker fight in Happy Gillmore is one of my favorite movie scenes. As it turns out, Bob only agreed to appear in the movie if they added the fight scene (he had been training with neighbor Chuck Norris).

Bob also insisted that he win the fight.

All in the Hips

The Circular Flow

1-Eyed Gators

Price is Wrong

Golf Team Names for Scrambles

Golf scrambles are where horrible players go to shine. Even if you're the worst golfer on the course and play your worst game ever, you could still go home a winner.

Couples Retreat

Loosely Coupled

The Pseudo Duo

Four Courseman

Four Coursemen is an ideal golf team name idea for a four-person team.

Funny Golf Team Names Around the Web

Golfing isn't typically a team sport, and neither is blogging. But sometimes golf is a team sport, and today I'm getting an assist from some fellow writers.

Price is Wrong

Lords of the Pin

Flying Balls

Grio and sip

Meet the Putters

Gange Green

Back 9 Bandits

Dude Wheres my Par?

Couples Therapy

Balls of Fire

Putter Face

Price is Wrong

Tigers Wood

A Shingo ate my Baby

Party of Fore

Golf Names From Readers

RunAway Birdie

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