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Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Name Ideas for 2023

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Name Ideas for 2023

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Updated on March 12, 2022 by David Sharp
Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Names

To say Patrick Mahomes' career is off to a good start is the understatement of the millennium. Here are just some of his achievements so far:

  • Fastest to 15,000 passing yards
  • Fastest to 100 touchdowns
  • MVP
  • Super Bowl MVP
  • Best Passer Rating in history

That's right, he has the best passer rating in the history of the NFL. Here are our best Patrick Mahomes fantasy names to celebrate the future GOAT.

Watch your back, Brady.

Funny Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Names

Patrick Mahomes got his great arm from his dad, a former major league baseball pitcher. His wife, Brittany, is a former professional soccer player and professional trainer.

What I'm saying is that if you're in a dynasty league, it's never too early to draft Patrick Mahomes' son. That kid has got some bloodlines.

Mahomes Economics

Mahomes Equity

Hat Trick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Names - Hat Trick Mahomes

Mahomes Team Advantage

Don’t Try This at Mahomes


Every Patrick In the Book

Patrick of the Trade

Magic PaTricks

Trick Daddy

Turning Patricks

Patrick Up My Sleeve

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TrickTok Videos

TBH, Patrick Mahomes has the world's most boring TikTok. But hey, with everything you hear about his brother's account, maybe dull is good?


Mahome Fries



Mahome Schooled

Pat Down

Or Ocular Pat Down for the Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans out there.

Mahome Grown

Mahomes Invasion

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Names for 2023

It's possible that no quarterback has a deeper bag of tricks than Patrick Mahomes. Shovel passes, no-look passes, sidearm throws - anything to keep defenses guessing.

He's even been spotted working on behind-the-back passes in practice. He's a cool player, so you need some cool Patrick Mahomes team names to match.

Mahomes is Macastle

Mahome Wreckers

Mahomes Run



No, Mahomosexual is not the classiest Patrick Mahomes team name idea. But you can't deny the fact that Mahomes awakens some feelings in fantasy players and Chiefs fans alike.

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Name Generator

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Names From Writers & The Community

Mahomes is Where the Heart Is

Daddy’s Mahomes

Take Mahomes Tonight

Mahome Office

Mahomes Game

Taking My Ball and Going Mahomes

Mahomes Improvement

My Forever Mahomes

Obie-Wan Mahomie

Mahoming In

One-Patrick Ponies

Patrick or Treat

Home or Homes Variants

These names play off of homes keywords:

  • Mahomes is Where the Heart Is
  • Mahomme Schooled
  • Mahomes Field Advantage
  • Mahome Cooking

Trick Question

Bag of Patricks

Trick Rolled

If the Chiefs are your favorite team, check out our Kansas City Chiefs fantasy football team names.

Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Football Names from Around the Web

The Internet is full of Patrick Mahomes fantasy football names, some good, some bad. I've scoured the web for you to find the Chiefs among them.

Pat’s Blue Ribbon

Patty Cakes

Post Mahomes

Pat On the Back



The Mahomesalorian

Patty Ice

Let's face it, Matt Ryan isn't going to be around much longer. It's time to pass his sweet nickname on to a new generation.

Mahomes Movies

Patrickledown Economics

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Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Names From Readers

I’m Drunk, Take Mahomes

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Mahome boys

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