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Wrestler Names for Amateurs, Women, Tag Teams, and More

Wrestler Names for Amateurs, Women, Tag Teams, and More

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Updated on December 19, 2021 by Brad Perniciaro
Wrestling Team Names

Whether you're an amateur wrestler, a tag team member, a female wrestler, or a pig wrestling duo, you need a marketable name. Your wrestling persona will live on forever, so you must get this right.

Today I reveal some witty, intimidating, or downright hilarious wrestling name ideas for 2023.

Wrestler Name Ideas for 2023

Are you an amateur wrestler but haven't yet nailed down the perfect wrestling name? Use these funny wrestling team name ideas as inspiration to search for a perfect (and impactful) persona.

The Natural Disasters

Tidal and Quake.

Pin It to Win It

Black Widow

This female wrestler persona would have a similar vibe to The Undertaker.

Wrestling Name - The Undertaker

Beefy Pinto

Toxic Masculinity

The most common traits of men who exemplify toxic masculinity:

  • physical aggression
  • fear of showing emotions
  • unconditional physical toughness
  • hyper independence

Tell me a wrestler named Toxic Masculinity wouldn't be the most epic wrestler personality ever!

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Covid Crusaders

This tag-team duo wears M95 masks and pushes vaccine mandates during their on-air tirades. Plot twist: their manager is none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci!

The Masked Men

Quite possibly the most generic wrestling name ever.

Take Down For What

This wrestler name idea comes with a ready-made entrance song.

Jelly Bellys

Two very heavy and body-positive wrestlers combine to wreak havoc on puny, sissy-men.

KO Queens

The Chicken City Rooster

Sometimes good wrestling team names are inspired by those who blazed the path. I stole the basis for this wrestling name idea from the legendary Junk Yard Dog.

King Kong Cowboy

Mat Master 5

Could this be the first cyborg wrestler?

Doctor Hellfire

Cornbread 'Cooter' Williams

I think this wrestling persona should be a hillbilly from the Deep South. His finishing move would be to crush his opponent with a hay bale.

Wrestling Name Generator

Wrestling Names From Writers & The Community

The Wolf

Swamp Storm

Glamour Girls

Glamour Girls is the perfect wrestling team name for an African-American tag team. The name comes from a film about women blazing new trails in Nigeria.

Bionic Basher

Tiny Cobra

Cool Wrestling Tag Team Names

Some of the most memorable (and strange) wrestlers were part of tag team duos. The Bushwackers and Killer Bees come to mind.

Here are some tag team wrestler names that continue the tradition of making little to no sense.

Plow Boys

I like this as a golf scramble team name as well.

Major Pains

Powers of Pain

The Maniacal Birthing Persons

Hey, the WWF will need to find some way to capture the hearts and minds of Generation Z. But will they wrestle men or women?

Kings of the Ring

The Bruise Brothers

This idea also doubles as a clever hockey team name, especially for particularly physical teams.

Swamp Monster

Kuntry Boys

Takedown Tribe

Ring Kings

Wrestler Names for Women in 2023

In 2023, some people aren't still sure what constitutes a woman. The rest of us will continue to cheer for and appreciate female wrestling (while it lasts).

Crusher Queens

Divas of Doom

Lady Luck

Beauty and The Bitch

I'm thinking about that super-hot and fit blonde who has that one ugly friend.

SmackDown Sisters

Hilarious Pig Wrestling Team Names

Full disclosure: Sometimes when researching an article, I find obscure keywords related to the main topic. In this case, the main topic is "wrestling name". The obscure keyword is "pig wrestling names".

Turns out pig wrestling is definitely a thing. And yes, pig wrestling teams need names.

Kings of the pin

Ham Sandwich

Smokie Smackdown

Bacon Brothers

Hog Wild

Wilbur Wranglers

Babe's Worst Nightmare

Pork Patrol

Wrestler Name Ideas from Around the Web

For this next section, I'm tagging some other websites and letting them get in on the action.

The Dream Team

New Nation


The Tormentor

The Destroyers

Powers of Pain


Smackdown Squad

Takedown Tribe

The Doom

Band of Brothers

This tag team name has a warm, patriotic feel.


The Infernos

The Outlaws

Wrestling Names From Readers


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Cooter Demolition

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Valtrim Baftiu

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