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Funny Softball Names for Women, CoEd, & Youth Leagues in 2023

Funny Softball Names for Women, CoEd, & Youth Leagues in 2023

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Updated on September 21, 2021 by Brad Perniciaro
Softball Team Names

It's 2023, and the safest place to be is outside. And what better outside pastime than softball?

Softball is one of the few sports that spans all ages, is frequently coed, and where drinking is encouraged. Today I reveal my list of all-original list softball team names to celebrate this truly versatile sport.

Hilarious Softball Names for 2023 Teams

If you're a rabid music or movie fan, these funny softball team names could be an excellent fit for your team.

Bat Company

Bat Company is the perfect softball name for a team of hard-rocking boomers.

Let it Slide

Bat Brains

This softball team name pays tribute to a 70's hardcore punk band of a similar name.

3rd Strike Offenders


Are you a team of winners? This softball pun goes well with that hilarious 1996 flick starring (a much younger and healthier-looking) Vince Vaughn.


Is your team comprised of numerous strange characters and oddballs? Then Screwballs might be the perfect softball team name for you.

Coed Softball Team Name Ideas

Coed softball is fantastic because it encourages men and women to expand their social circles. It's practically happy hour on the diamond!

Ok, maybe that's a little overboard. But in the coed softball leagues that I've frequented, it was a great way to meet new people.

Balls and the Striking

Base Chasers

Grand Slam Jam

Crying Foul


Rounding 3rd

Coed softball names are meant to be racey.

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Softball Team Names for Mens' Leagues

Did you know that the first softball used wasn't actually a ball at all? No, the first "ball" used in softball was just a rolled-up boxing glove.

If you ever doubted that softball was a sport created by men, that fact should clear up for you.

Average Joes

Bat Men


Out With The Boys

Yard Boys

I love this softball name for those teams who max out the home run limits (the one-up rule).

Team Name Ideas for Youth Softball

Youth softball is an excellent way for kids to boost self-esteem, improve mental health, and develop leadership skills. And with one in five U.S. kids considered obese, the fitness benefits can't be understated.

Softball is a total body workout and a fantastic outlet for children and adolescents in 2023.

Hitten Littles

Here's a youth softball team name and bonus logo for your little players.

Softball Team Names - Hitten Littles

Little Sliders

Cracker Jacks

Softball and cracker jacks go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Little Stealers


Bats and attitudes meet in this kids' softball team name.


Unique Softball Team Name Ideas for 2023

If you're looking for a softball team name that is an absolute one-off, an untouched snowflake, then look no further. I personally guarantee that these team names are unclaimed.

Ok, maybe that's not entirely true. But I did perform a quick check and didn't see these names used in any of the other thirteen billion softball team names articles on the Internet.

A League of Our Own

Home Run Hustlers

Where My Pitches At?

All the Rage

Softball Name Generator

Softball Names From Writers & The Community

Church Softball Team Names

Church softball leagues are extraordinarily common, especially in the Deep South. It's also a little-known fact that Jesus once hit a 3-run homer to claim the parish championship back in 20 B.C.

Or was it 20 A.D.? Wait, that doesn't make any sense either!

Look, the details are irrelevant. The lesson of this softball parable is that Jesus' performance was central to the softball's continued popularity from medieval times through the modern age.

Thall Shall Not Steal

Thall shall not steal, except for home plate. That's acceptable and encouraged.

Final Inning Sacrifice

Base of Grace

God Squad

Amazing Base

Fastpitch Softball Names

Fastpitch softball is an amazing sport with highly talented athletes. I have never tried to hit one of those pitches, but it looks pretty damn difficult.

I think I'll stick to just naming their teams.

Windmill Whipsters

Homerun Hustlers

If you're going to be a hustler, then be a homerun hustler.

Radiant Heat

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is by far my favorite fastpitch softball name.

Super Sonics

Softball Team Name Ideas for Serious Players

Some softball teams play strictly for fun; others are all about the business of winning. The following name ideas are for laser-focused teams that plan on taking home the championship.

Serial Stealers

Slid'in Stealin

Base Invaders

College Intramural Softball Team Names

There's nothing like playing college softball to blow off some steam between classes. These were some of my most memorable intramural games, and the leagues were always very competitive.

Sophomore Strike-Outs

Playing the Field

If you're in a position to play the field, why not?

Stealing Third Base

Bunts and Blunts

Bat Intentions

Hit & Runs

Foul Mouths

Softball can bring out the foul mouth in all of us.

One Hit Wonders

Is your softball team a one-hit-wonder? Is that even a bad thing? Here are some one-hit wonders that no one should be ashamed to love:

  • Soft Cell - Tainted Love
  • Looking Glass - Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)
  • Right Said Fred - I'm so Sexy

Bad News Squares

Striker Kings

This softball team name is a nod to the infamous (and currently incarcerated) Joe Exotic.

Women's Softball Team Names

The U.S. Women's Softball team won Olympic gold in 1996, 2000, and 2004. After that, International Olympic Committee decided to exclude women softball through 2024 (save for the 2020 games in Tokyo).

Call me crazy, but I think the world got tired of getting their asses kicked.

Helmet Hair

Chatter Boxes

Hey batter batter, we all hate that chatter.

Dixie Dingers

Bat Hair Day

Dirty Softball Team Name Ideas

No list of team names is complete without some inappropriate ideas, and softball is no exception. So here's my best list of Rated-R softball names for 2023.

Balls Deep

Foul Balls

Everyone hates the smell of foul balls.

Master Batters

Dirty Balls

Any respectable softball player keeps their balls clean. This softball name also works for a dirty golf team name.

Ball Breakers

Softball Names from Around the Web

Here's a list of softball names that I love but wasn't witty enough to dream up myself.

Sons of Pitches

Soft Serves

Soft Serves is a perfect name idea for slow-pitch softball teams.

Looking to Score

Isn't that always the goal??

This softball team name idea could also work for hockey. We have an entire article dedicated to funny hockey team names.

Smokin' Bases

This softball name is presumably a pun based on the 2006 action thriller.

Softball Names From Readers

Ponytail Express

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