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Hilarious Hockey Team Name Ideas for 2023

Hilarious Hockey Team Name Ideas for 2023

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Updated on September 24, 2022 by David Sharp
Hockey Team Names

Hockey players are a different breed - and I'm not just talking about the pros. From pee-wee hockey to senior leagues, you've got to be tougher than the average weekend warrior.

You don't see a lot of softball players getting checked into the boards. There aren't many missing teeth in your average basketball team photo.

Here are our best hockey team names to commemorate the savages on skates. Game on, you beauties, game on!

Hockey Team Names for 2023

Fair warning: plenty of the hockey team names on this list use insider lingo. Some terminology and hockey puns more obvious, but you also might need a glossary to help decipher some of it.

Now come on, ya pigeons. Let's hit the ice and get some genos. Ferda.

Shots Fired

Risky Biscuits

Flow Riders

There are plenty more hockey team names celebrating a good head of lettuce a little further down the list.

The Ice Guys

Or you can go even further and do Ice Guys Finish First.

Sweater Weather

American Snipers

Ship Mates

Celly Mates

Laser Cats


House Party

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Funny Hockey Team Name Ideas

Hey, where do the Devils get their uniforms? From New Jersey, of course.

Ok, enough with the hockey schtick. Here are some funny hockey team names.

Studying the Blades

Mitts a Living


Clap On


Let’s do this.

Mercy Buckets

Better Skate Than Never

Have an Ice Day

Hosers and Grinders

Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Hockey Name Generator

Hockey Names From Writers & The Community

Weird Hockey Team Names

Here's a weird hockey fact: the first hockey pucks were actually frozen cow turds. If you think goalie's a tough position now, imagine if you were being shot at with rock hard bull flop.

Here are some weird hockey team names to commemorate the sport's weird origins.

Flying Saucers

This hockey team name comes with a logo.

Hockey Team Name - Flying Saucers

The Sin Bin Kin

Bladey and the Tramp

Skatey and the Tramp works just as well, so take your pick.

Mitts a Wonderful Life

Skate Men Out

It's a weird hockey team name because Eight Men Out is a baseball movie. Check out all of our sports team name ideas here.

Aces and Skates

Beauties and the Beasts

Skater Bois



Clever Hockey Team Names for Brainiacs

I love hockey players because they don't take themselves too seriously. Well, except for the ones that take themselves way too seriously.

But these clever hockey team names aren't for them.

Howe’s Tricks

Apple Store

Snipe Hype

In hockey, a snipe is a perfectly placed pass. This term also applies to golf, where it describes a hooked shot that dips quickly.

Check out our article dedicated entirely to golf team names.

Puck of the Irish

Mitts All Good

Ice to Meet You

Dog River Riverdogs

This hockey team name is brought to you by the boys of Corner Gas.

Springfield Ice-O-Topes


Letterkenny Irish

We’d also happily accept the Letterkenny Shamrocks, Letterkenny Shamrockettes, or the Kerry County Eagles.

Mystery Eskimos

Figure it out, hoser.

Cool Hockey Team Names for 2023 Teams

Cool hockey team names is redundant. All hockey team names are cool - you know, because of the ice.

Roll the Tape

Let’s Go to the Tape

Thin Blue Liners

Stealers Wheal

Stealing the hockey puck boils involves getting to the puck fast and winning battles. In softball, stealing bases boils down to just getting to the base fast.

If you play softball, we've got you covered with softball team name ideas as well.

Dirty Danglers

I know this hockey team name idea sounds a little dirty, but it's (mostly) above board. The real dirty hockey team names are still a couple of sections below.

Apple Jackers

Lamp Life

Tarps Off

Creative Hockey Team Names for Hockey Hair

Great hair is almost as integral to the sport as sticks, skates, and chirping. Here are some creative hockey team names that celebrate the art of the flow.

Lettuce Heads

Hustle and Flow

Go With the Flow

Cash Flow

Pantene Pros

This hocky team name is silky smooth, boys.

Ebb and Flow

Flow of the Game

Mullet’s Be Friends

Mullet It Go

Beer-Themed Names for Hockey Teams

Let's crack a Labatt and get into some beer league hockey team names. And remember, don't drink and skate - skate then drink.

Bar Down



Labatt's Life

Molsons and Dad Bods

Silver Bullets

I also like Silver Bullet Snipers if you want to go even further with it.


Cold Ones

Saucey Saucer Tossers

Coos Light Pigeons

Stickey Ickey

It's medicinal.

Dirty Hockey Team Names that are NSFW

You want to get grimy? Let's do it.

We've got hockey team names as dirty as Ulf Samuelsson after cleaning a stadium bathroom.

Ice Holes

Kiss My Ice

Puck You

Key Bumpers

Hockey has bumpers (goalies) but so can volleyball. In volleyball, a bump is just a basic pass.

We have an entire article dedicated to funny volleyball team names.

Puck Off

Lucky Puckers

Puck Yourself

If that's not enough puck puns for you, here's another handful of them for you to puck around with.

  • Puck Around and Find Out
  • Butt Puckers
  • Mother Puckers
  • What the Puck
  • Puck a Duck
  • Puckin’ A

Suck My Deke

Big Deke Energy

Dekes Out

The Mighty Dicks

Hockey Team Names from Around the Internet

Hey, we're all about the team here, baby. If we can't score with our hockey team names, we want to be there with the tasty apples.

Pucker Up


No Pucks Given

Mid Ice Crisis


The last two are perfect senior league hockey team name ideas.

Easton Fection

Brawl for One

This idea could also make a funny wrestling tag team name.

Stick Magnets

Blades of Fury

Happy Hookers

Hockey Names From Readers

Skate or Die

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