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Patrick Mahomes Fantasy Name Ideas for 2022
To say Patrick Mahomes' career is off to a good start is the understatement of the millennium. Here are just some of his achievements so far: Fastest to 15,000 passing yards Fastest to 100 touchdowns MVP Super Bowl MVP Best Passer Rating in history That's right, he has the best passer rating in the history […]
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Alvin Kamara Fantasy Name Ideas for 2022
Yes, Lights, Kamara, Action and Super Kamario Brothers are great fantasy team names. For 2018. If you’re looking for something a little less played-out for , we’ve got you covered. Here’s a brand new set of Alvin Kamara fantasy names as fresh as his Quality Control chain. Alvin Kamara Fantasy Football Names for There are […]
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Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Football Team Names for 2022
Christian McCaffrey is one of the biggest IFs in football. As in, he’s maybe the best fantasy player in the NFL – IF he’s healthy. Sure, drafting him is a gamble – but in fantasy football, what isn’t? You might as well gamble on a guy with the upside of 100 catches and 1000 yards […]
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Dalvin Cook Fantasy Football Team Names for 2022
He cooks the competition! He slices and dices the opposition! He puts defenders in a blender and spins them around! Dalvin Cook is The Chef – one of the most delicious options in all of fantasy football. Here’s our recipe for a winning season. First, draft Dalvin Cook. Next, pick out a favorite from our […]
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