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Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2024 Teams

Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Names - Ideas for 2024 Teams

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Updated on September 24, 2022 by David Sharp
Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Names

Well, that was fast!

Not that long ago, the Cardinals were riding high. They had a hyper-talented QB, a dynamic young coach, and the NFL was their oyster.

And then they remembered they were the Cardinals.

Now Kliff has a new job, Kyler has a new knee, and the team is looking for answers. Here are some Arizona Cardinals fantasy football names in hopes that this is a reload and not another rebuild.

Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Names for 2024

The last time the Cardinals won a championship, they played in Chicago, and Harry Truman was president. To say they’re due is an understatement.

Here are some Arizona Cardinals fantasy team name ideas for 2024, just in case they break through this year. You don’t want your team named after a rando when the Cards win for the first time, post-microwave ovens.

Good for What Glendales You

The Glendale Glen Ross

ABC: Always Be Cardinals.

Phoenix Rising

Grab this Cardinals fantasy name if you want to be really dramatic about having one down year.

Professional Kylers

Murray Me!

I can't help but think of Maybe Fünke.

The Audacity of Hopkins

Going Nuk Wild

Nuking Futs

What the Nuk

If you like replacing a certain F-word with Nuk, here are some other options.

  • Nuk You
  • Nuk-Ups
  • Nuk It
  • Go Nuk Yourself

The Long Conner

Conner Honor

Conn Men

Captain Eno

Eno Benjamin is a popular breakout candidate. But that makes for a boom-or-bust fantasy team name.

Worst-case scenario, if everything goes wrong, this fantasy name becomes a memorial to a lost season.

Eno’s Paradox

All About Eno Benjamins

Love Ertz

Head Gannon

Fire the Gannon

It’s not that he’s done anything wrong; it’s just that the pun is so perfect. Here are some other slightly more positive cannon puns.

  • Gannon Fodder
  • Loose Gannon
  • Loaded Gannon
  • Gannon Balls

Petzing's Zoo

I don't recommend naming your fantasy team after an offensive coordinator, but the pun was too good to ignore.

Off the Kliff

Dead and Kingsburied

Out Fitz

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Kyler Murray Fantasy Football Team Names

Yes, the ’22 Cardinals had issues even with Kyler Murray on the field. But there’s nothing like watching Colt McCoy to make you appreciate your starter!

2022 gave Cardinals fans a taste of what life without Kyler Murray would be like, and that taste was bitter. Here are some fresh Kyler Murray fantasy names for 2024 to help cleanse that palate.

Cobra Ky

Eric, Kenny, Stan, and Kyler

Thryl Kylers

You can also spell it Thrill Kylers, but I say go silly. Your league-mates have all season to figure it out.

Hired Kylers

Kylearning Curve

Murray Up and Wait

Conan the ConKyler

If you're gifted with the Photoshops, then Kyler's face would fit perfectly on this old version of the book cover.



Murray of Hope

Smokin' Murrayjuana

Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Name Generator

Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

More Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

I've talked a lot about the Cardinal's recent struggles. But let's face it; they could turn things around in a Murray. I mean in a hurry.

Anyhow, here are some last Cardinals fantasy names I found lying around the Internet. Cheers.

Hail Murray

Kyler Soze

Kyle High Club

Kyler Ren

Cold-Blooded Kylers

Just in case there haven’t been enough already, here are a few more derivations on the whole Kyler/Killer thing.

  • Kyler Whales
  • Kyler Elite
  • Serial Kylers
  • Natural Born Kylers
Natural Born Kylers


Murray Christmas

Eat, Drink, and Be Murray

My Ball Zach Ertz

This one is a true Arizona Cardinals fantasy team name hall-of-famer.

Nuk Juke'em Forever

DeAndre the Giant

My Dinner With DeAndre


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